#AIOWireless: 5 Is All the Way Live @AIOWireless

AIO has announced 5 new ways to on mobile service – yes!!!!! In these times of economic instability and everyone’s need for excellent service why not take them up on the offer (I love a deal don’t you?)…

AIO Wireless

1. Get together with friends and family. One person #selfies never break world records. Why? Because everything is better when you’re in good company. Get 4 lines for $100/mo. with a $40 service plan or higher with Aio Group Save. Offer details here: Group Save Discounts

2. Refer a friend. Earn up to $250 annually when you bring friends to Aio Wireless. Learn more here: Refer A Friend

3. Stop worrying about when your bill is due. Sign up for Auto Pay and get a $5 credit at the end of each plan month for as long as you remain enrolled. For details: Auto Pay

4. Don’t settle until you find the “one.” All Aio Wireless plans are great, but make sure you find the one that works best for you. You can visit our website or chat with our Care Team to learn more: Shop Plans

5. Give Aio a call. Aio is glad to have you and work hard to make sure you stick around. Aio’s here to support you and make sure you’re getting the best out of your wireless plan; simple pricing, coverage, and service that fits your life. http://bit.ly/ContactAio
AIO is making their presence in the cellular world – with the latest in mobile phones, the best in providing low-cost plans and high quality service (yes, I have yet to get a dropped call on my Galaxy 4s from AIO) and their continued community outreach programs by sponsoring various Southern California Junior High and High School students with tablets to help achieve greater educational goals using modern technology needed in these days of technological prowess.

AIO Wireless

It’s not too late for you to join forces with this revolutionary giant – go to their website, AIO Wireless,  and find your local store and get the cellular service you’ve been looking for…

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