#AltonSterling Another Life Lost

#AltonSterling is just another example of another life lost and served street justice by law enforcement. He’s not the first and apparently he will not be the last as the world has seen over the course of the last 10 years – it’s open season on black and brown men, women and children. Let’s take a look at how Baton Rouge law enforcement protects and serves its community:

In the 38 second video, the father of 5 was executed in front of his eldest son. An emotional media conference from the family this morning expressed just how much the loss of the dvd/cd salesman has impacted the family thus far:

Now most of us know what is coming up next, if it hasn’t happened already, his criminal history (if applicable) will become the focus and attempt to discredit, dishonor and tarnish #AltonSterling. No matter he may have done in his life, he did not deserve (nor does any man or woman) to be shot down in the streets in front of his child….how many times does this have to happen before serious consideration and changes occur throughout police departments across the nation. How many more public executions are going to be broadcast where clearly a crime has been committed only to have no  convictions of the officer(s) who ended the life of a mother, father, son, daughter, brother, sister…

I live in a world where I have to protect my sons from the very people that took an oath to protect and serve them. I have to teach my sons how to address men and women who may take their lives despite their obedience to commands or requests placed upon them…because they are a police officer. They may violate my sons human rights, civil liberties and add me to the ever growing list of families who watch on television the horrific murder of my sons while the law enforcement  officer(s) who commit this travesty continues to live freely and never pay any consequences for his actions.

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My black and brown brothers and sisters, I’m tired of seeing young men and women, fathers and mothers being publicly executed and given a laundry list of excuses as to why another black life didn’t matter. I hear more about their past and present transgressions against society rather than why their lives where taken in the without being given the chance to have their day in court like the Constitution has guaranteed them…..#blacklivesmatter….#alllivesmatter…my children matter, my husband matters and Alton Sterling’s life matters!


Video Credit: WorldStar Youtube Channel

Photo Credit: Google Images

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