Basketball Wives Miami Super Trailer – WTH?


Basketball Wives Miami

As a reality TV show watcher I’m here to watch the shoes and critiques what’s really important about them …..

Okay so I just watch when I have nothing else to do but I’m excited to see the return of Basketball Wives. They all have long black tresses this season .. well all but one  I guess she didn’t get the memo or maybe she’s not team OG #BBW. All the women from seasons past seem to have clothing and makeup lines. So after years and years of this show and even the cast feeling like they may have behaved badly in certain circumstances, what can we expect from next season?..?

Check out this super trailer for Basketball Wives premiering on VH1 Monday nights this fall

Basketball Wives


Video Credit: VH1 YouTube

What’s going to happen with the Tami, Shaunie and Evelyn love/hate triangle? Seems like there is a new B!@#$ on the block? This season seems to be just as ____________ as the others? Fill in the blank, let us know what you think!

Basketball Wives Miami 1