#BBWLA – Jackie Christie On Bossard, Hilarious!!



bbwla season 5

Why am I dying laughing right now…Jackie Christie on #BBWLA!!! Girl, you know that you are too grown to be worried about some young girl’s friendship. Are you kidding me Jackie, why do you even hang around these youngsters? I am very curious, what do you really have in common with them. I can see you having some real girl time with Shaunie and Tami but Angel Brinks and Angel Love–umm no! Every time you are with them or around them you must have a sip of you own cognac just to deal with their randomness…and then it becomes a Jackie Christie on Bossard moment.bossard-cognac-xo

**I must say this, Bossard must be the business because everyone that has had a glass becomes instantly off the chain…(I’m going to need a bottle over here Mrs. Christie). Jackie, I’m going to need you to take a few less sips on your cognac…nevermind, I need you to go all out so please go ahead and fill up that glass honey and let those young girls know you are not one to be trifled with even if the reasons you are mad are trivial and meaningless.

Sundae Carter

Oh and Jackie Christie – you bought Sundy as your back up?!?!? Last time Sundy got into a serious argument with Draya didn’t she walk away with a black eye (Oh Sundy blocked me on Twitter a long time ago so I don’t see her having too much to say)??? I would have walked in with Tami Roman, at least we know Tami got “hands”…but considering who you were going up against, Angel Love, that was an easy win..

angel brinks

Mrs. Christie focus on Doug, focus on Bossard and stop giving a hot damn about what people think or say to you or about you. Consider the character of the source…Jackie Christie!


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