#BBWLA – The Ms. Nix Opinion On The Wives


It has been an interesting season of #BBWLA full of arguments, apologies and chatty-catty so far and I must say I’ve been on the edge of my couch watching the ladies this season. I thought it was about time for me to give my input on the #BBWLA and see how many of my Ms. Nix readers feel the same way…

shaunie onealShaunie O’Neal

I must say, I love Ms. Shaunie O’Neal’s get down this season. She is really just not into the drama with Brandi Maxiell – not only does she not care for the conversation about the drama from last season she makes it clear she does forgive and she asked for forgiveness but she will not forget…

 'Basketball Wives' Tami Roman ...Tami Roman

Tami came back just as sassy as ever – known for speaking her mind and never biting her tongue she’s making sure these young women of #BBWLA well aware to put some respek on her name and her reputation. So far, Roman has been very refreshing showing a softer side of herself by allowing viewers to see how having a baby with her new boo and the relationship with her daughters is developing but make no mistake Tami can give you the business at the drop of a dime and I got a haunting feeling someone is going to feel her wrath later on in the season…

malaysia pargoMalaysia Pargo

 Well, well, well Malaysia is back and she seems to be a bit more bughetto this season. I can applaud Malaysia on her devotion and dedication to her friend but you can see the “little green monster” of jealousy toward the relationship between Brandi Maxiell and her “sister” (LaTosha) Duffey. Even though Duffey and Pargo have temporarily mended the fence let’s see how long this will last…

brandi maxiell Brandi Maxiell

 In the beginning of the last season, I really learned to like Brandi Maxiell but “as the #BBWLA turns” she became my least favorite on the show. She jumped into Malaysia’s battles like she was her man and not her friend – there is a clear difference between loyalty and ratchetness…I thought she would have a different mindset given she has been victorious, thus far, over a life-threatening situation but I was wrong. She a broken woman and she needs to be on somebody’s couch…

latosha duffey(LaTosha) Duffey

One of the newest cast members to #BBWLA this season and she has definitely come on the scene with a bang!!!! Brandi’s “sister” was at odds with Malaysia in the beginning of the show, questioning her friendship and her loyalty but after the jump-out-the-car-with-beat-down-gear-leaving-my-truck-in-the-middle-of-the-street incident; Duffey decided to mend the fence and forge a friendship with Malaysia. She really hasn’t given me a good vibe other than she seemingly is #TeamBrandi all the way…for now.

'Basketball Wives LA' Season ...Angel Love 

The other new cast mate on #BBWLA – my best advice for you right now is baby girl don’t drink. You have a good head on your shoulders (at least for now) but alcohol is not your friend and your turn up under the influence might get you F@#$#d up with some of the other women on the show…just a word of advice, take it or leave it.

angel brinks

Angel Brinks

Ms. Angel Brinks…the fashionista?!?! I really don’t think that you really fit in with this crew. You should focus on your fashion line and leave this group of women alone. You don’t have that alfa-female mentality and even Angel Love seems to eat you alive when things become tense on the show. I wish you well and I hope you get some thicker skin and learn how to deal with these women because if you don’t you’re going to continue to look weak and feeble and they will continue to prey on you!

 Last But Not Least….

jackie christiJackie Christie

Jackie, Jackie, Jackie…the lovable, messy boss lady of Bossard Cognac; I love your want to make peace with everybody but I’m going to stir the pot a bit first crazy self. Jackie, you still have my admiration for the love you and Doug obviously share with one another and I can see in most cases your heart is in the right place but I need you to get your mind right (and like 1 cocktail) when you try to put things into motion. Be careful this season…it seems you are trying to be on the buddy, buddy with everyone but straddling the fence and entertaining all the gossip and back-biting conversations are going to get you put in a twist.

bbwla season 5

We’ve already reached episode 5 and things are a hot mess and from the looks of things…some real craziness is brewing among the cast of #BBWLA. I can’t wait to see how this season plays out, who remains friends and who creates new foes and if any enemies will come to blows. I will post some personal comments on next week’s episode so continue to keep it in the Mix…

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