Best Sex Toys & Games for Couples


According to a top article from the Dangerous Lee Network, we are spending more money on sex toys than ever before.

When couples, especially married couples with children (or common law married), have been together for many years the sex may become something that is added to the schedule between doing the laundry and watching the latest episode of Scandal. That is if you’re having sex at all. A relationship without sex is dead and quite frankly no fun, especially if you’re going to do it the same old way each time.

There are things like toys, games and role-playing that will make sex more exciting as long as both people involved are up for it (no pun intended). By the way, and this is the first tip; you can add a person or people to the party.


Yes, a threesome or group sex is an option. Of course this is not for all couples as it can cause a rift in the relationship so you must know your partners limits as well as your own. The third-party can be a friend, a stranger and can be male or female.

Another option that involves having sex with someone other than your partner is swinging. Swinging involves non-monogamous behavior, where both singles and partners in a committed relationship take part in sexual activities with others as a recreational or social activity. Not into adding more people to the party? No problem! Two people can have a ball! Again, no pun intended.

Location: Who says sex always has to be had in the bedroom? Have sex in the car. Have sex in a movie theater. Have sex in a Burger King bathroom. It’s up to you!

Role Reversal: If you’re a woman with penis envy this is perfect for you. By using a strap on with your man you become the dominant one, the top. Of course not all straight men are into anal but there are many men who are. There are a variety of strap-ons to choose from. Some even vibrate or heat up.

Another variation of this type of sex play would be to use a double penetration dildo. This way both you and your partner are being entered and controlling the rhythm in the process.

Role Playing


Role Playing: He can be Darth Vader and you can be Princess Leia. That may sound incestuous but that along with the heavy breathing may add to the kink for some couples.

Vibrating Cock Rings: They are cheap and often sold in packs. They allow the man and the women to feel extra pleasure during intercourse at the same time. Dual sensation vibrators are also great in this respect.

Sexy Board Games: Want to build up steam? An adult board game is perfect! These games usually involve foreplay fun and may even incite some giggling. Tickling may even be on the menu. There are also sexy dice games that when rolled will say something like, “Lick Breasts” or “Suck Toes”. Doesn’t that sound fun?

Sex with Food


Food: You can never go wrong with whipped cream, strawberries, caramel, chocolate syrup or jelly on private parts. This is a great game to play after dinner for dessert.

Porn: Men love it and women do too! Watch it together and get turned on. There’s nothing like voyeurism to get the mood set and the party started. Watching porn can also be educational as you may see something that you’ve never tried before.

Rihanna S&M


S&M: Rihanna sang about it and with the popularity of the book and soon to be released film, 50 Shades of Grey, bondage has become a household word. A bondage kit filled with things like whips, feathers, gags and blindfolds will give your senses a boost and may arouse you in ways you never knew existed.

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Have a ball ;)

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