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Recently, I started my hair natural but I can’t lie I still love a cute pixie cut or the flow of long, sensual curls and the best way to change-up my look is with a wig, of course! feeds my need to be fashionable and beautiful with a variety of synthetic or human hair wigs with affordable prices and high quality.

If you are an experienced wig wearer you will find all the Zury, Model Model, It’s a Wig!, Bobby Boss and Outre (just to name a few) wigs your heart desires. You can have short blonde hair on Monday and a long, flat tress on Tuesday or just became the sassy but classy party girl on the weekend with beautiful curls. not only has wigs but you can find all the products to take care of your own hair on the site as well…

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I almost forgot to mention, you can purchase braid hair on the site as next look might just be faux locs…you never know with me, I change my hair styles like I change my…well you know the rest!


I don’t know about you but I am sure I’ve found a new site where I can order all of my fashion beauty and healthy hair care products. If you’re a Ms. Nix in the Mix follower go onto the site, browse around and I am sure you will find everything you need to be a beauty fashionista.


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