#BlackInkCrew – Recap

Black Ink Crew 1

So we all love the works of tattooed chicks twerking and getting low. We now get to see what the life of a tattoo artist and his homies do after hours on VH1’s Black Ink Crew.
Dutchess is such a character, the only African-American female tattoos artist that I have seen thus far … She is a manipulative, goal digging, sista who now dates the boss but is soon to be thrown out the shop. I just have a feeling this chick is gone too far – what did she do or say in Jamaica to make Ceasar say he’s single and ready to mingle in the land of big booty women and free flowing ganja…


Dutchess 2

Dutchess and Ceasar


The Black Ink Crew – #BlackInkCrew

Black Ink Crew - CeasarCeasar

Black Ink Crew - Dutchess


Black Ink Crew - Puma


Black Ink Crew - Oshit


Black Ink Crew - Sassy


Black Ink Crew - Ted


Black Ink Crew - Alex


Black Ink Crew - Walt


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