Blank Chick Chronicles: 2013 – Volume 4


Since I’ve been writing about blank chicks in the Blank Chick Chronicles for a while, I’ve given a few examples of what I consider a blank chick to be…I’ve even given you the definition a time or two, “if you allow someone else to write the story of your life, you’re a blank chick”, “if you are not loving yourself, using your body, allow others to use your body or your mind – yeap! You’re a blank chick…” this list could go on and on. Even though, I’ve given a definition, it does not mean I am not willing to help those who fit the title to enter into the world of REAL womanhood. Being a woman is not just saying you are one nor is it defined by your age, the number of children you have, the type of man you’re with, the car your drive or the where you work – being a REAL woman is defined by how you carry yourself, the morals and principles you live by; you never have to say you’re a REAL woman, just your presence speaks to the world exactly who you are and what you represent.


Unfortunately, there are still many women living in a cloud of delusion. They walk around claiming to be grown, a REAL woman but their behaviors are childlike and their minds are childish! When you deal with a “lady” whose mind has not reached adulthood, this can be very dangerous not only for her but for those that are around her. Childish minds do what any other kid would do – play games and when you can’t have your way through a temper tantrum and when that doesn’t work you want to go and tell somebody, anybody your troubles and beg them to help you in a very childlike way.


Some will fall for it because you have favor with them but others will see right through your antics and not give you the attention you so desperately desire. You seek out someone, like most children do, to blame all your troubles on and when you find a target you attempt to go in for the kill….ummmmm, NO! Because you are forgetting one thing, little girl, poor blank chick, you’re the only one in the equation who hasn’t grown up yet. You are a child surrounded by adults and as any adult would do a disobedient child, you are going to get reprimanded and , in some cases, put on a time out or if you are from the old skool of thinking – get your ass whooped!

pen to paper

So let me write a page in your book real quick:

”You are in the real world, dealing with people who have no patience and low-tolerance for your childish mind or behaviors. You have kids of your own and they are watching what you do – so it’s time for you to grow-up and act-like an adult. If you need some lessons on how to be a better woman, just ask a REAL woman and she will politely give them to you but if you continue on the path you are walking down I guarantee you going to meet up on that ole skool ass whooping!”

Until next time, remember, “You don’t have to be a blank chick all your life!”


Life experiences will change you and anything that does not grow will die. As I've grown older, I grown wiser and now so will my website and the content you will find here. I want us all to take this new journey in life together. I want to thank you for supporting me.