Blank Chick Chronicles 2013 – Volume 2

Well, well, well….Have you ever ran into a blank chick and her “hype-man”; you know the blank chick that has another blank chick pumping her up to do some blank chick things or make blank chick decisions? There are plenty of blank chicks running in pairs and that is such a bad situation because in most cases a real woman cannot penetrate this blank chick circle.

Let me introduce you to, “Thelma and Louise,” – these two characters are considered lost causes. While I am always trying to find salvageable blank chicks to save and bring over into the world of true womanhood these two will forever be lost because they are bound together in blank chick thinking and unwillingly to hear anything from a real woman for them to make the transformation needed to eradicate the blank behavior they are engulfed in.
I met Thelma and Louise by chance I was not looking to meet these women and I am kind of sorry that I did. Upon our first time meeting one another, we were in a social setting with loads of people. Men and women, each doing their own thing, being who they are; a friend and I were sitting back talking when I noticed these two huddled up in a corner talking about each and every woman passing their little corner. Now, I have to admit and any real woman should be able to do the same – when you are with your crew you tend to scrutinize the other women in the room. I am not proud of it but real is real and it happens. Women are harder and more critical of other women than any man could ever be. We will read you from head to toe without ever having one conversation with you and getting to know who you are and the journey you have been on in your life.

However, Thelma and Louise were not discreet or tactful; they are the kind of women that were not only rude and disrespectful of themselves and of other people but they were loud to boot! Now, there are some blank woman that will quietly be blank and don’t’ want any waves, but there are quite a few that also have something to prove. They are so intimidated by other women, by positive growth, by secure women, women that are go getters and hard-workers, have such low self-esteem and have such out of control lives they need something. They need something to make them feel better about their pitiful lives and really their lives and personalities could be so much better that what they are if they would actually make the changes needed but hey, you can’t save ever blank chick because the ones like Thelma and Louise are so far gone they don’t need, want or understand they need to be saved from themselves by their self!!!

Each time a group of women, a pair of women or a young lady roaming passed them by – the giggles and laughs would start, some comment was made about their clothing, make-up, hair, shoes, etc. and they loud laughter to make the person(s) feel uncomfortable and finally the menacing looks as if to dare the individual(s) to fire back at them because they are ready to fight. I looked at my friend, shook my head and said those are two of the saddest people at this event. Both of them are so co-dependent on the others bullshit they can’t even leave each other long enough to allow their individual attitudes and personality traits shine. Right as I began to finish my statement, one of the females was getting questioned about a loud remark she made toward another woman as she passed by. The tension was rising and people were starting to surround the area, which is something all blank chicks like to have when in the middle of some bullshit – this pumps them up they need negative encouragement to make them seem like they are somebody, like what they are saying or doing is the right thing but it’s all in their little blank minds in their blank world.

A few men stepped in between the “ladies” to defuse the ridiculous scene which only made Thelma and Louise more hyped but eventually things settled down and the night continued with them back in the corner doing the same thing. I could only wonder how long it would be before they met up with some other blank chicks that would be just as stupid and actually make these women back up all the mess they were talking it would only be a matter of time…..

I’ve seen them on several occasions doing the same thing. I’ve even tried to speak to one of them, woman to woman, about how they get down but it didn’t work and after the conversation I discovered that they both are a complete lost cause. I hate to say that, I try to find something in every woman worth saving but at last…..there is nothing in either of them worth my valuable time and effort. Their fate will be in their own hands and unfortunately, it seems the path they are embarking on will only lead to a severe ass whoppin, jail or death.

The Mix….

Even though there are women who will remain in a constant world of blank chick vision, never to see the light of womanhood; we (as real woman) have to make the choice to see past their ignorance and remain above their low self-image, low self-esteem and low self-worth. You can try to make an attempt to help them but do not waste your time if the help is now willingly accepted. Continue to be the woman that you are and allow them to be the blank chicks they are…..some can be saved and others will remain lost. Our objective as real women is to bring those who are willing and ready to come into womanhood and to allow those who choose to stay in the world of the blank chick a small corner of existence.

Remember darlings…..they don’t have to be blank chicks all their lives but it’s their choice to remain the same! Keep it In the Mix with Ms. Nix.

Life experiences will change you and anything that does not grow will die. As I've grown older, I grown wiser and now so will my website and the content you will find here. I want us all to take this new journey in life together. I want to thank you for supporting me.