Blank Chick Chronicles: Dear Bitter Chick

Dear Bitter Chick:

I am so sorry that you were not able to capture the attention of that man you’re chasing after! Yes, we know you were the night crawler, the late night f**k and dump and you are pissed off about it. Damn, he won’t return you calls, you can’t get a Facebook friend request answered or your inbox messages acknowledge and you’re so mad about it. How many times have you changed your Facebook account to try and get him to add you? Hmmm!  and it still hasn’t worked. At this point you should be saying he is done with me but in your pity little mind you can’t accept the fact he just doesn’t want you!

Oh I am sorry you accepted him using you as a sperm bank in the wee hours of the morning and expected him to become your man after you allowed yourself to be an occasional f**k! Oh, you made him breakfast, you washed his clothes, you paid a bill or two – thank you so much for taking care of his business because no one else has too! You did it all and the only thing you have to show for it is…well, nothing.

Guy and Girl LaughingI’ve been around him when you call or when he’s seen you in public and he gives you the “church lady” wave or hug and then turns around and clowns you with his friends. Showing them all your failed attempts to get him “back” into your life – yes, you are the biggest joke! Ha! and it seems everyone knows it except YOU! He’s my friend, I wasn’t stupid enough, gullible enough, needy enough, weak enough to accept someone who is only capable of giving 10% of himself because the other 90% is being spread among the masses of other blank chicks who have no morals, standards or principles; whose self-esteem is at 0 and willing to take whatever a man disses out just to say you have a man! Sorry you don’t value yourself and you pussy is available to anyone that says you’re cute or shows you a remote amount of attention.

EBT CardOh yeah, those naked pics – they’ve been circulated and shown to those who just wanted to see some dumb hoe who is begging for dick and has nothing else to offer except a little bit of change, her EBT card (because she will take money out of the mouth of her children to take care of a man that doesn’t even respect her), and her body to be used at his disposal. Who calls herself a bad bitch and claims to be that ride or die chick but she’s only good at being the back door ho! Oh, don’t get mad at me for calling you on your bullshit, accept who you are and the position you want to play – side chick, mistress, the bad bitch!

Girl ConfrontationHe told me about you trying to step to some other chick that is in the same position you are in and act as if he was your man. You’re claiming him and he’s gaming you – I guess stupid is as stupid does! It’s a shame you don’t value yourself enough to see you don’t have to do what you are doing but you can’t make a fool see past their own foolishness! You saw his new chick, the one that booted you out the picture, and tried to talk s**t about her. Then boil down to the all favorite question What does she have that I don’t? How about not handing out the p***y on the first night!

The new chick has morals, self-respect, and can slob a knob like none other. And you think your flaunting your pussy and other childish tricks for attention and will have him give you a little more attention? What makes all of this even more hilarious is neither one of them give a damn about you! You haven’t stopped them from being together and they laugh at you  because they are in tune with their star players – each other. You aren’t on the team or the bench, blank chick you’re just a spectating groupie. I asked them if there was anything thing they would like me to say to you because I decided to write this letter, each told me not to bother but I said I am inclined to let a blank chick know especially when she’s bitter and just doing dumb-shit! They said thank you for providing them with countless hours of laughter you are really the best clown in the circus they just suggested you get some better face paint.

I’m done with you for now but as you continue to do the desperate things you do; I might write you another open letter. Oh you can write back if you want, I promise you my next letter won’t be as gentle as this has been.

Yours Truly,

Eradicate the Blank Chick



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