Blank Chick Chronicles!!!! Volume 3 "An Open Letter to Sofia"

Well it’s that time again. Time to give blank Chicks another wake-up call. I hope that the message is starting to sink in – you don’t have to be a blank Chick all your life. It’s time to embrace your real womanhood and leave the blank Chick-isms in the past.


I recently had a conversation with a longtime friend and my blank Chick in training, “Sofia”, she is really sweet and has a good heart but her head is not in the right place and her thinking is so messed up she is easy prey for men that are looking for someone to take advantage of. I really feel sorry for her because, in her case, she only knows what she has been taught. She comes from a long line of blank Chicks. All of them have either been in relationships for years where they have been victims of their own blank Chick thinking and behaviors and, unfortunately, they have passed this skewed thinking down to Sofia. Sofia is starting to see the negatives in her “man” but does not know what to do, she’s starting to wake-up a little but she is really not all the way there!


Now I am a woman that believes in making a man feel like a man and allowing him to be the man in the relationship and this is not easy for me and a lot of other women. Especially, those that were raised by single mothers who were very strong and were very dominating in their personality and how they dealt with life situations. When you have to be mother and father with your children, you have to fight for everything you have in your life and wear both the pants and the skirt at the same time – you are not likely to want to sit back and allow a man to really play his role. You are used to being in control of everything and men take offense to woman stepping on their manhood. Men are instinctively hardwired to be leaders (even if they are not worthy of the title) and they need to be needed and wanted and to be viewed as the head of the household or lead in the relationship. Well…..


Sofia is the perfect prey for those men seeking an easy mark. She will let you be the man without a doubt but she also has very little requirements for how she should be treated as a woman. Sofia was dealing with this man that was just using her for everything that he could get. She has her own home and within a few months of knowing him, he had already moved in and was making himself very comfortable. So comfortable, in fact, he started calling her home, his home – I looked at him with a look of disgust every time I heard the words coming out of his mouth. He would give people her phone number and treat her like she was his secretary, “Babe make sure you say the Johnson residence may I take a message for Mr. Johnson he’s not available at the moment,” and she would do this without hesitation – I just looked at her like she lost her mind. She would make him dinner and no matter what time he came in, she made sure it was hot and waiting for him; even if he came home at 5 or 6 in the morning. She never questioned him or his behavior. She was just happy to have some kind of man in her life. I felt so sorry for her only because this is the same behavior her mother, aunts, and grandmother display right now in their relationships – she hasn’t been taught balance and how to really know when someone is taking advantage of you. Because of what she’s seen from the women in her life, she believed that you take anything and everything a man tells you or does and you never question him. You deal with it and continue to be the non-questioning, doting girlfriend – eventually your love will change him and he will be the man he should be for you and to you, WRONG!!!!!


Sofia, dear, this man is a predator and you are the perfect prey. I wrote this blank Chick chronicle for you. You don’t have to play the victim or accept any and every piece of bullshit a man has to offer you. You will find a man, a real man once you put your blank Chick thinking behind. You have made this man feel like a king and that’s okay if he was treating you like a queen but you, darling, are his doormat. He has absolutely no respect for you at all. You are not his personal secretary, he does nothing to contribute to YOUR HOME – I’ve never seen him take out the trash, vacuum, hell….he doesn’t even work so I know that you are supplying him with clothing and money. Damn this is a real pimp/ho kind of situation and if I wasn’t a true friend I would probably tell this cat he owes me money for allowing him to be around for the last year without beating him down for taking advantage of you. But instead, I want you recognize the mess you’ve gotten yourself into and make a plan to get the hell out of this situation.


This man does not work and you do; he’s surviving off you. He’s in your home, laying in the bed that you bought, watching the television that you have paid for and using the electricity that you pay for each month. You also are cooking the groceries that you work hard for and making meals for someone that hasn’t done one thing for you. Seriously, without YOU he wouldn’t have a damn thing. If he wants to be the boss, he’s got to pay the costs. you and you don’t need him. You were set before he came along but your desperation to have a man in your life, you accepted some bullshit of a man in your world. PLEASE LET GO OF THE BLANK CHICK THINKING AND KICK THIS FOOL OUT OF YOUR HOUSE AND MOVE THE HELL ON!!! There are men out there that will come to the table with the same things you have to offer and believe me they are out there. But because of your weaknesses, you are a target for the garbage men. These men only want to take from you and leave you high and dry when you are all used up. When you are ready to really enter in REAL WOMANHOOD and shake this blank Chick behavior – let me know because for you I will make the exception. I know you got your blank Chick thinking from your environment and no one has taken the time to show you or tell you different.


Sofia, you are coming to the next girlfriend’s circle and we are going to pull you out of blank Chick land and move you toward Real Womanhood. You are going to be a force to deal with very soon and I can’t wait to see you blossom and bloom! Love you Sofia…..


Life experiences will change you and anything that does not grow will die. As I've grown older, I grown wiser and now so will my website and the content you will find here. I want us all to take this new journey in life together. I want to thank you for supporting me.