Blank Chick Chronicles!!!! Volume 4

Its summer and it is time for every blank Chick all over the world to make themselves known. In Southern California (where I’m from) the summer concerts are underway, the motorcycle riders are making their annual trips all over the country, club promoters have a party for just about everything and high school reunion weekends are starting to take place – with all this activity, you will find more and more blank Chicks making their presences known. It’s really sad to see them in all their delusional glory making a mockery of true love, sisterhood and the model of what and how a woman should carry herself……

We are in the middle of the summer and like any other here in Cali, men are staying well groomed and women are dressing less to escape these hot and humid days. As the morning turns into night and the weekend rolls around, everyone is getting ready for weekend pool parties, bar-be-ques and the newest hot spot to enjoy the one or two day break in their work week. I am not a club person, I go every now and then with my girlfriends but my choice would be to go and hear some good music, eat some good food and have some great conversation at a small little bistro tucked in a corner of the world that most people would pass by if they were not paying close attention. But with some of my recent personal tragedies, I have been asked to get out into the world with my friends and have a little fun?????

I’ve gone a few places – some on the ratchet side and others on a more upscale level but no matter where I’ve been I run into the same type of women. I am just shocked at how many women are out there willing to put all of themselves on the line (mind, body and soul) to have someone pay attention to them, for some man to notice them or buy them a drink. How a man who is clearly out to only get you in the bed for the night can say something as mundane as, “You’re so beautiful,” or “You’re not like these other girls in here, I can tell there is something about you that makes you different,” and he will convince her to go home with him or to go to her house and get what he can get from her and keep it pushing. The last time I went out, I found a little space that had the perfect view of the bar, the dance floor and the social area. I got a drink and sat back to watch this go down between the blank Chicks and the predators. I sipped my drink and paid close attention to the men. They are studying the blank Chicks and separating them from the women they know they are not going to succeed with. They notice the way the women are dressed, who has to be the center of attention, whose the loudest, who is drunk or reaching a level of intoxication that will make his words seem more appealing, who is wearing their heart or their emotions on their sleeves, what’s her conversation about and if it is remotely sexual then you just made yourself the prime target for most predators out there.

This petite little girl with a nice shape comes up to the bar, several men are watching her studying ever move she is making because she is wearing next to nothing and leaving very little to the imagination. I predicted she would order a Hennessey and coke, check, she would get her drink and leave a tip for the bartender (to show she was not a broke chick), check, she would turn around and eye all the guys looking at her with a smirk or a smile to draw more attention to herself, check, and then the worse of the worse would come up to her and offer to buy her another drink and to pay for the one that she just got, check mate. Don’t get me wrong, brother was hot!!!!!! but he was a vulture. He watched her the entire time and when he noticed her drinking he had to test the waters to see just how drunk she was. Once he realized she was intoxicated, she was done. I watched her twist her hair and smile and signal to her friend that she was going to give him her number and I just shook my head because the night was still young and this guy was not going to give up that easy she was already where he needed her to be – in blank Chick world and all he had to do was say the right thing and it was going to be another conquest for him and his boys to talk about tomorrow. They departed ways but I knew this was the beginning and I was right. As I exited the venue about an hour later, I saw them both by his car. She was telling her friend he would take her home and she would call them when she got there. I looked and laughed and said another one bites the dust….he heard me and smiled and said another one will tomorrow too!!! I just walked away.

Blank Chicks stop selling yourself short and pull your head out of the sand. You don’t have to give yourself to any and every one that tells you how pretty you are especially in a club. Try covering up everything that a man would want to see, dress sexy not slutty and have a real conversation with a man. If he thinks you’re cute or if he’s attracted to you, you will know it’s not necessarily your but or your breast that may have caught his attention. You don’t have to be loud, drunk or advertising sex to stimulate a man’s interest in you. Be a lady in public – please!!!! Stop letting reality shows, rap artists and magazines define who you are take some time to know the woman you are and put her on a pedestal so that everyone else will admire your inner beauty and not just your huge booty! I want you to be with someone deserving not someone who is only wanting you to service them……..

Until next time, remember you don’t have to be a blank Chick all your life…..get it together!

Life experiences will change you and anything that does not grow will die. As I've grown older, I grown wiser and now so will my website and the content you will find here. I want us all to take this new journey in life together. I want to thank you for supporting me.