Blank Chick Chronicles!!! Volume 5

Well, well, well – the taking your man thing is still being glorified by blank Chicks in America. It amazes me that there are so many women thinking this is cute or this defines them as a woman to come into a relationship and upset a family, marriage or relationship by dealing with a man whose already in the “mix” with someone else. Let me tell you this, if you are one of these women – YOU ARE A BLANK CHICK!!! Straight up and I don’t care of you don’t like it, you shouldn’t like being called blank or a Chick but your reckless behavior puts you in this category and if you don’t want this to be your title then do something about it – make a change and stop going after people who are already involved!

California is the capital of the superficial, materialistic blank Chicks. Unfortunately, many of them are going to go after men that are currently involved with someone else. He could be married, in a girlfriend/boyfriend situation – it does not matter; the blank Chick is on a mission. She has a motive: attention, gifts, trips or money; she just wants to get him in her world and looks at the other woman as competition instead of someone that she should not want to hurt or harm with her actions.

I’ve been working since I was 16 years old, my family raised me to handle my own business and do not depend on another person to provide you with a life (financially or otherwise) – get out there and do for yourself. Any person that I’ve dated could tell you, I do not ask for nothing monetary it’s just not in me to do so. My wants and desires from my partner do not come in the form of money and gifts. I was married for 11 years (RIP Marcus Glen) and what I cherished most was the small things, simple things. I’ve had money, been around people with tons of money and things and that has never moved me one way or another. I take personal satisfaction by getting my own and while a partner contributing helps out and is appreciated – money does not move everything around me. I have some “gold-digging” friends that can’t understand why I don’t play the game and take a guy for everything he has (and doesn’t in some cases) and make them pay like they weigh for my time and attention and while this may be their way of doing things; it’s not mines. I can tell you from those of my friends’ that live that lifestyle, they men don’t stay around too long because they run out of money or get tired of them only needing things from them and the girls are always looking for the next big money maker to become their “benefactor!” More importantly, they are looking for someone in a situation – married or in a relationship – because they don’t necessarily want to have the man around all the time but also like the challenge of having another women in the picture as the competition.

An associate of mine named, “Lady,” is a CA native and considers herself a kept woman. She is constantly in the mall shopping, does not own one pair of pants or jeans that I can think of, only wears dresses and stilettos, make-up picture perfect, has hair but wears a weave because it has less maintenance on average and only, ONLY dates men with money and married. She’s a typical mistress drives a Benz, has access to credit cards from various guys…I call her a hooker every time we talk. She laughs it off but she knows I’m serious and every now and then she says I hurt her feelings. I call her the epitome of a blank Chick and she says I’m not being fair. The biggest problem that I have with her life is that she has a son and he is seeing this behavior on a regular basis. Yes, Lady you are grown and can live your life the way you want to but if you don’t stop this foul behavior for yourself at least consider your son in all of this.

This young man is learning how to objectify women, treat them as expendable toys, never commit to any of them or keep a few and make sure to keep them happy with trinkets. You are nurturing him to become the type of man that uses women, hurts them and discards them at will. You are telling him, “It’s Okay,” you mom does not have a man that loves her and is committed to only her, that he sees you being treated like a high priced call girl and that his mother is not deserving of a healthy, loving relationship and it’s not enough that you throw money and gifts at him instead of love and attention because you are giving all you have to give to your paper chase with these guys. If CPS (Child Protective Services) could take a child from a parent for being a hooker, you would be a prime candidate but unfortunately, this poor boy is left to learn lesson of life and love from Lady and her self-esteem and self-worth are all wrapped around a few hundred dollar bills at the moment. WAKE UP BLANK CHICK!!

I go and get her little man from time to time so he can hang with my boys but it’s just a temporary situation because she comes and pick him up for a show piece to her family and friends. I cry for him and I want to slap the crap out of her – she’s a prime example of why it’s important for Father’s to be Father’s; especially, when you have a blank Chick for a baby’s mother……Well until next time, if you see a blank Chick grab her by the hand and give her my email address: [email protected] or the blog site I’m here to help every blank Chick that asks for help…..


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