Blank Chick Chronicles!!! Volume 8

Blank Bitch or Blank Chick?

I was approached by a few people who took offense to the title, “Blank Bitch Chronicles,” – while normally I wouldn’t care about anyone saying anything about what I write; however, the person(s) I spoke with made a very good argument and I value their opinion so I wanted to bring it to the blog since it was really worth considering.

The Blank Bitch Chronicles is an anonymous forum to shed light on the immature and skewed behavior of women and men promoting a continuous negative cycle of responses toward other men and women in relationships and friendships as well as really questionable conduct when engaging with the opposite sex at the beginning, middle and end of an intimate situation (yes friendships can be considered intimate). These dubious responses prevent healthy relationships to ensue. The stories and comments are posted to promote thought provoking conversation and self-reflection in those reading the blog in an effort to get women and men to notice their own behaviors, the behaviors of those around them and to eradicate the negative thinking and reactions to issues that may arise and learn how to correct destructive thoughts, ideas, lack of moral aptitude – demonstrating the need for respect and consideration of others.  It (the blog) was also created to prevent young women from making some very huge mistakes while on their way towards complete womanhood – by learning how to control their emotions and use logic and reason – women should no longer accept or want to be considered a victim of circumstance but demand respect, exhibit morals and values conducive to creating life-long bonds with friends and healthy, loving relationship with the MAN of her dreams. For the men, the blog is to make them aware of the damage created in women by their actions and to remind them to be more careful when handling matters of the heart – remember, you have a mother, sister or a daughter how would you feel if she became a “blank bitch!”; being treated badly by others, especially, men because she watched you treat them in a disrespectful manner and learned how and what to accept from a man in a relationship from you! Also men, you should know or at least get some insight into how we think – emotion first (in most cases). When you are dealing with emotions it becomes very difficult to make good decision(s). With this and a few other points being made, I decided to put a name change up for vote by the readers. I want your voice to determine if the new title, “Blank Chicks,” would be less detrimental in nature to the esteem of women. I was told if I am going to encourage women to start loving themselves and working on their own thinking; the title of the chronicles is a contradiction in terms. Actually, I believe you are who you are and if the title fits then wear it but I am fair and I wanted to hear what you think about the possibility of a name change.

If you do believe the name should be changed – tell me why? And if you don’t, I also want to know why and in either case support your statement. I’m very interested in hearing your thoughts and understanding you views…..

You can respond directly on the blog or you can send me a personal email to [email protected] and I will post your response (anonymously) to the blog.  

Life experiences will change you and anything that does not grow will die. As I've grown older, I grown wiser and now so will my website and the content you will find here. I want us all to take this new journey in life together. I want to thank you for supporting me.