Blank Chick Chronicles!!! Volume 9

So you want to hang with a motorcycle guy, huh? I have known a few of my friends to deal with a guy in a motorcycle club and I can say that none of them have had a successful relationship or marriage with a man in this lifestyle. Now, I am not saying that it is not possible to do so and it requires a lot of sacrifice on the women’s part because most men I know that are in clubs and have a motorcycle show a level of devotion and loyalty to their club that they should be sharing with their wives and families. I also know the motorcycle world is a world within a world – they have their own rules and guidelines that are followed and any violations can have some very interesting consequences. There is a lot of corruption and drama in that lifestyle and if you are a woman and not a part of one of the women’s social clubs or in a motorcycle set you are going to have your own set of problems because you are a civilian – an outsider.

I have a few girlfriends who have decided to embark on being a part of the motorcycle scene none of which are a part of a motorcycle click or a social club. Each is dating someone that is in a crew. One of the most important things to remember is most of the men in these crews are married and/or dating several women at the same time and believe me if you start messing around with one of them either their friends who frequent club events will pass the message on about your presence or you will be confronted by one, two or three of the females at some function – trust me I’ve seen this happen on more than one occasion.

The men in motorcycle clubs are always looking for the new chick, especially, outsiders because they are oblivious to the rules of this “underworld” of bike riding; however, this also possess a problem for the woman involved because you really don’t know what or who is coming for you because of the man you may have chosen to deal with.

An associate decided to date a guy from a well-known crew in Los Angeles (the click will remain anonymous and it doesn’t really matter because it happens within the motorcycle culture no matter where they are located). The more and more they saw each other, she began to become a fixture in the scene. Of course, all his friends knew who she was and most of the women did too! However, she did not know he was dating 4 or 5 other women at the same time. She was just as content being seen with him and rode on the back of his bike like it was the thing to do. When he went on runs (these are events they go on to meet and greet locally or out of state) she went with him. She would see him on the phone and, in some cases, with women but blew it off and never really took the time to investigate the reasons behind the conversation – he would always say that it was a sister member calling for advice on how to take care of some club business, etc. blah, blah, blah….UMMMM NO!

This man was dealing with her and the others all at the same time and because none of them really questioned his behavior he would have conversations with anyone one of them in front of the woman he was with – he was doing him and each of them believed she was “the only one” she was his “lady” his “girlfriend” but each of them had some significant reason for being in his life – she just fit a piece of his twisted puzzle until she realized or was confronted with the truth about all his activities and walked away from the “relationship” but to him it didn’t matter because there was always another chick that would follow in her place and pick up where the other one left off. Anyway, my associate was confronted with the truth about “her man” when she was at a party one night and was confronted by two different women within the same night. Each approached her, in different manners, and basically asked who she was and how did she know “her man.” When she explained to each the very basic information request, she felt she had nothing to hide this was her boyfriend, she got two very different reactions. One went off on her stating she had been with the guy for years and wanted to fight her. Some of the guys broke up the situation knowing my associate was not really familiar with this world but not before watching most of the scene go down and almost come to blows. The other played everything real cool and walked away with a smirk on her face, she had no intention of doing anything to my associate but his motorcycle took a real beating and was kicked over. Now this caused a chain of reactions because men with motorcycles care for them like they are their wives or children and most, if not all, are overly sensitive about anything that happens with their bike. As she watched, the bike being demolished in complete shock and awe she still did not back away from the guy and continued in the relationship.

Well, just a few months after this situation happened her man was in an accident and was placed into the hospital. She was devastated and immediately went to support her boyfriend and to find out his medical condition but as fate would have it she was again confronted with the truth about her man – a young woman introduced herself as his girlfriend and thanked her for coming to show her support and concern before she could even state who she was and why she was there. I guess at this point, my associate got the message and just looked at “her man” shook her head, turned and walked out of the hospital room.

Once he was released, he called and text and would come by her house professing his undying love for her. He would tell her the other women didn’t mean anything to him and they were women who didn’t want to let go of their relationship but he had moved on with her. She didn’t buy it but she didn’t stop seeing him either. She is actually still dealing with this character and still being confronted with the truth about the person he is versus the man he claims to be. She is living in a blank chick world and nothing anyone says or does to make her completely aware of what she has reduced herself too and the type of crap that she is dealing with – she just won’t leave the man alone.

Blank Chicks:

You really don’t have to be blank all your lives, you can move on and get past a blank lifestyle. She just keeps allowing this man to do her dirty not realizing that each time she accepts him back into her life; he loses more and more respect for her. He sees her as a fool with no requirements and easy to manipulate and control. He has found the perfect victim for his personal plan. When she attempt to leave, he knows exactly what sweet nothings or actions to display to keep her in this blank chick world she has allowed him to create and write the full script for. I just want other blank chicks to read this and understand you don’t have to lay down for madness but stand up for your principles and demand to be respected and treated well. The first way to do that is to believe that you are worthy of being loved by one man who is without question devoted to you. You have to love yourself first and treat yourself right before anyone else will do so!

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