Blank Chick Chronicles!!!

Well I believe that you can find a blank chick everywhere you go and not matter what time of the day – she will be lurking with her theories on men that are just ridiculous and just simple. This weekend was no exception and just proves my theory, they are out there and they really need some help from REAL WOMEN to get themselves on the road to womanhood and a true identity.

I was out with my youngest son and I decide we both needed to have some pampering. The last few months have been devastating for our family and we all need a bit of rest and relaxation. My oldest is with his father and my youngest is with me. We just decided to have some mommy and me time and went to get our nails and feet done. Well as we sat there waiting for our manicurist to get our pedicure water done – I ran into a young woman that was waiting for her toes to dry. We started a conversation about my son getting his feet done and then her “blank chick” tendencies came to the surface.

She said that she could never imagine taking her son to get his feet done and I said why not? The young lady stated that it was just a bit feminine to do so and she didn’t want to give him the wrong impression about his masculinity. If I was light skin, you would have saw exactly how flushed I was with the stupidity of the statement she had just made. I turned my head so we were looking each other directly in the eyes and I told her do you know how ridiculous that sounds? She said no she didn’t think it was ridiculous at all -and that is where I had to let her live in her blank chick world for a moment before I responded.

I said young lady it is not a masculine or feminine thing for a man (a young man) to get his feet done. We (my son and I) came to have some time alone and to enjoy someone else taking care of us. This wasn’t first time my son had received a pedicure and there is nothing wrong with a man getting his feet done. For me, it shows that he is very much into grooming himself and the lesson I am teaching my son is that it is okay to take some time out to take care of yourself and your body. Men get their nails buffed and keep their feet together just like women do – my mother did this for my oldest son and he will not date a woman who has jacked up feet to him there is no excuse not to take care of your feet whether you do it yourself or if you go and get your feet done on by a professional. The young lady looked at me with her slightly open and I simply said its okay to understand that your opinion does not matter to me and that I think that you are a very immature person with rather rigid viewpoints about life but hey you are entitled to believe what you want and while you son my not have a broadened view on taking care of himself in the future mines will know that if he wants to have nice looking hands and feet there is nothing wrong with getting them done every now and again.

She huffed a bit, turned in her chair and avoided eye contact with me for the next 15 minutes. However, when my son sat in the chair and enjoyed his feet getting done – laughing as the lady gently scrubbed his little digits she just looked in amazement and when he said mom this is something I want to do every now and then with my wife I just smiled. She looked at me with a look of astonishment and I just said out loud, “What a wonderful thing to do with your wife when you get married. I’m glad I showed you something different to show the lady of your life in the future.” He laughed and said you always do mom – he’s 7.

Blank chicks need to stay in their lane if they are not willing to learn from a real woman. A real woman wants to expose her children to things that will enhance their lives, motivate them to do well and take care of themselves. A blank chick is worried about what others may think or how someone may classify their children as masculine or feminine because they are getting their feet done or nails buffed, etc. and while there are some things that are strictly male and female related activities (in some respects) or lines of thinking; when you segregate everything in life with your children you are doing them a disservice by not allowing them to be exposed to different elements of life. GROW THE HELL UP YOU BLANK CHICK!


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