Bloody Fist: A review of Free Angela

free angela image 1 We are charged with the task to fight with bloodied fist for our freedom; Freedom to have pride in ourselves from head to toe, mind to lips, and ideas into actions. The plan was to disrupt the peace to get the attention of the underhanded oppressors and make them listen to a plea for respect and the right live in this one nation under God still divisible with liberty and absolute justice for all. A revolution that was begun and led by great men could only be handed to a woman of equally brute strength and intelligence. Angela Davis led a revolution that may not have been televised, but it lives on the lips of the warriors who fought with and for her.

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Dr. King taught us how to peacefully attain greatness while Brother X told us to get it by any means necessary. Meanwhile their women powerfully stood by them and carried on their legacy to encourage the Civil Rights Movement and change for all who were disenfranchised. This film will showcase how Angela benefited and encouraged the efforts of Civil Rights leaders and continued their work by engaging people in the fight for liberty. Her actions in the Communist and Black Panther parties were meant to encourage a change in perspective for the American people, which was perceived as a terroristic threat and caused her to be barred from her passion of teaching. Ultimately she was persecuted for what she had not done in order to silence her voice; however the accusers did not count on her influence of the world a demand for freedom.

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This film serves as a reminder that we, the people, are not all weak, incompetent, or incapable to make the adjustments for progress of a nation. Since we are all affected by change we must all be a part of change, no matter the consequences. Angela’s story will ingrain in our memories that there is no progress in fearful thinking; there is only progress in dangerous thinking. We must live in the dangerous reality that we will not always struggle, that we will embrace the promise of a government for the people and by the people. This story reminds us of what the government has feared in the past and how far we have come as a nation, because of those that fought and continue to do so. There was a time when the world was black and white and now because of our common goal to succeed and be treated fairly we are united and moving forward. That is what makes our fist rise above our heads in victory, only bowing down to God to pray for a better country and world.

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This film also reminds women to get their hands dirty in cleaning up their communities, their cities, and country and not to be sidelined as spectators as the world slowly begins to change. Angela’s imprisonment, much like the assassinations of Dr. King and Brother X, told the world that the United States government was not ready for change. However the message was already received and actions were implemented to keep it moving. This tells us that if we speak the truth and it is heard no one except God could stop you and we are to be courageous and confident in the actions that follow.

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Raise your fist to the sky and let the world understand that you know the truth as it runs like the blood in your veins and stand up for equality, stand up for knowledge, stand up for justice, and stand up for freedom like Angela.

Carmen Fletcher


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