Sending Your Graduate to College In Style

This is a sponsored post and the story shared is all my own.

My oldest son is setting off to college and while he could live in the dorms he chose to stay home. The travel time to school is about 20 minutes from home but he also has a part-time job and public transportation is just not going to work for him. Well, I had to break down and decide if it was time for me to help him purchase a car of his own…he’s saved up some money, he wants to save dorm room fees and still help out his little brother (I know he wants to stay home because he can raid my refrigerator any chance he can) with homework and after school activities.

We decided to do some research online before we went out to purchase his first car. Guess what site we used to get video reviews, vehicle information, great selections and even a dealership locator… My son and I searched the site and he found the car of his dreams…

Used 2014 Ferrari LaFerrari
I love my kid but the car of His dreams does not fit my budget (or his) so here is the car he is considering as an alternative (the dream car can come after he graduates from college and gets his first full-time paying job)…
Used 2013 Honda Accord LX
With tuition, books, clothes, food and supplies going to college can be costly and you don’t need the added expense of reliable transportation for your student. Check out – they have cars priced to fit everyone’s budget, trust me you will find exactly what you need for the price you want!
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