Computer Love: Relationships & Social Media

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What I wouldn’t do for relationships to go back to the way things were – there was a time when you would call each other, meet and take a nice long walk on the beach. Or you would stay on the phone all night until one or both of you fell asleep only to wake up and long to hear the voice of the person you desired, you could barely wait (with great anxiety) to see his face again. But that has all changed since our lives center on the necessity to connect, our need to make each and every move we make known to the entire world through social media. “I just landed a new job!” – Facebook post; “Honey, I’m making stew for dinner,” –latest Tweet; “My kids are doing great in school,” – Instagram pic – we have become desensitized, lost the need for human contact and have divulged into the world of cyber connectivity as a means of maintaining the relationships of those closest to us.

Today, we contact our family, friends and partners though social media but what has this done to the human element of our relationships – we have become distorted in our thinking and feeling. We no longer talk to our partner about their issues, our concerns about our relationship – we use their daily Facebook status updates to try to find the subliminal messages she may have left to evoke some kind of response. A tweet will hold more weight with you than the actual words you boyfriend will have to say to clear up any messes which may have been interpreted incorrectly. Did your son or daughter have a tragic day, look at his/her Instagram or Tumblr post – honestly, it is a damn shame we have come to this but here is where we are but what do we do to change it?


Get back in touch with reality and remove our personal lives from the cyber world. Finding friends, reading up on current events and the opinions people may have about “things happening” – these were the true intentions of the social media platforms – giving your friends some information about your well-being – this is fine. However, letting the entire internet universe know every detail about your life, where you work, live, and where you are at every given moment of the day has taken the place of human contact and could be potential fatal (for some it has been). You can go on YouTube and other video media outlets and find tons of videos on people who are fighting each other over things said on their Facebook or Twitter pages; you will find stories of cyber-bullying where young men and women have taken their own lives because of the words displayed on their social pages. You will hear of countless stories of marriages suffering from infidelity or divorce because someone cross the line and began to invite in others into their personal lives and their bedrooms using Facebook. It’s time to use these media outlets for their intended purposes and let our personal lives be….private and personal! Go back to human contact, write a letter, make a phone call – get out of the world of computer love and back into the land of the living.

Life experiences will change you and anything that does not grow will die. As I've grown older, I grown wiser and now so will my website and the content you will find here. I want us all to take this new journey in life together. I want to thank you for supporting me.