Dedicated to Service: Daughters of Isis Al-Karim Court No. 219 Oasis of Newnan, Desert of Georgia

In the approaching holiday season many jump to their feet to lend their welcoming able hands to serve deprived individuals in the ‘spirit’ of giving. While their efforts are not discounted, how often are those who serve daily  overlooked due to their humility although they are as vibrant as a guiding star. The Daughters of Isis Al-Karim Court  of Newnan, Georgia are an organization built upon intellect, sisterhood, and the need to uplift the individual through community outreach. This compelling group of women are a female auxiliary group of Prince Hall Shriners and are composed of members of the Freemasonry-fraternal organization Order of the Eastern Star.

With leadership and benevolence  at the helm of their outreach efforts, The Daughters of Isis pierce into the roots of their community through organizing and participating in the following efforts: Adopt-a-Street,  Back to School Drives, Scholarships (UNCF), Support to a local battered women’s shelter, and an upcoming Thanksgiving food basket drive. Additionally they honor our elders in mentoring and nurture our youth to encourage, further educate and uplift achievements of African-American women.  Financial donations are made annually to , Health and Medical Research (American Cancer Society, Birth Defects, HIV/AIDS & Mental Retardation),  NAACP,  and additional civic/special interests.

It was expressed that there is a collective joy  to serve youth, including teenage mothers of whom are surrounded by naysayers and slander; especially when it is time to dress as clowns and bring joy to the young children they serve. By their involvement in the community their efforts are in a constant evolving cycle of creating generational health, wealth, and renewed spirits that  the modern woman craves.

“I am a firm believer that random acts of giving and sharing are contagious and they have the power to transform who we are as a Court.”

– Illustrious Commandress  (As seen on the Al-Karim Court website)

In October the Daughters of Isis celebrated their second year of success at the  Commandress Ball. The weekend celebration at the Dolce Atlanta & Peachtree Hotel & Resorts  included  daily social gatherings, dance competitions, game nights, and finally the formal ball.  As an attendee at the Commandress Ball,  I anticipated  questioning looks as one would receive if they were a prospective member of a fraternal organization. However I was overwhelmed with the welcoming and engaging environment that was amidst the ceremonies of the evening. The women were adorned in white and men were in suits proudly wearing their fez in celebration of their year in service. The women graciously paraded in rhythmic strolls to honor their court and the visiting courts that came to honor them. Gifts were presented to members of the organization as well as the Illustrious Commandress to further honor each others dedication to the court.  As the celebration continued a familiar feeling  resonated throughout the room.

Love. A love for service that generates respect for each individual who contributes elements of their evolving soul while changing the world around them; much like a growing family. It was easy to see that underneath the beauty of their garments and elegant speech these women are the risk takers, dream achievers, and dream makers for those who fear the concept of dreaming bigger. These women are our mothers, sisters, artists, doctors, politicians, teachers, and  world changers.  These are the women who take more pride in their contribution to the world rather than the accolades that follow. So while many will be in the spirit of giving this season  and parade their contributions, never forget that we may never know how big a star is, but will always know the beautiful light it shines upon us from these women.

For more information on their efforts check out their photo gallery. For  upcoming events visit their website.











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