Didn’t I Already Make Myself Clear

Okay, I had someone try to pull my card about my blog and I am good with that. I am not the kind of person that is not willing to hear about my own flaws in character and because I accept who I am, both good and bad, and I if there is something that needs fine tuning I can do that. I am also willing to apologize when I offend someone or do something that is out of line; however, I do not apologize for my opinion or my viewpoints on things or did I make myself perfectly clear in my biography.

I took some time away from the blog because I was not feeling well and for those of you who were ready to hear about my background and get to know me better – I apologize. I did not mean to put that out there and not keep my word so to make it up to you…I will extend the dates a bit and you will get to understand me as a person starting with this blog.

Now to the person that attempted to call me out on being opinionated and insensitive to the feelings of other women regarding my “Blank Bitch Chronicles,” let me let you in on a little secret darling….I don’t give a damn what you think or how you feel – the truth is the truth. If you are acting like a blank bitch (and trying to call me out on this was a blank bitch move) then you are what you are. Sorry if you don’t want to own, sorry you decided to continue to make poor choices, sorry you are not ready to move past being a blank bitch and continue to go for the okie doke when it comes to relationships and friendships you engage in. As Bobby Brown would say, “It’s My Prerogative,” to say what I think and how I feel about a situation and if you don’t like it – don’t read the blog.

Also, to my “associates” that want to try and find out who some of the stories are about and who is sending me questions to answer on the blog; I want to tell you it’s none of your business. I took a vow not to name people on this blog for a specific reason and I will continue to uphold that promise no matter what. Stop asking my friends and calling or texting me to find out who gave me their information or situation to talk about – that is between me and that person and it will always remain that way. They know who they are and they know that everything I’ve said on the blog, I have said to them in person.

Finally, I write this blog to show women and men that being open and honest about what you are thinking and feeling can only help you be a better you. I write it so that men can better understand women and women to better understand men. I write this blog to help people learn from my mistakes and those of my family and friends to deal with friendships and relationships. I write this blog to entertain you but most importantly to teach you some life lessons and/or reaffirm some things that you may have gone through in the past, present or future to help define your goals in a relationship or friendship. I also write this blog to eradicate blank bitch thinking and I am determined to touch at least one woman and change her around, to help one friendship survive the storms that come and one relationship to surpass all the challenges that it may face in this world. I have helped a few keep it together and I am proud to have been a voice of logic and reason for them.  I am not looking for a pat on the back or critical acclaim…I want to help you love and be loved. So now that you know my reasons for writing the blog, now that you have a better understanding of my viewpoint I hope that before you address me again with some nonsense you take a moment to reflect on this and know the first time I give a grace pass, the next time I am not going to be so nice and I promise you there will not be a third time. Remember words are powerful tools, they can break down and build up, and they can mold and mend or turn triumph into tragedy—-think before you speak.

Until the next time, put these new ingredients in your mix and keep following the blog of Ms. Nix.


Life experiences will change you and anything that does not grow will die. As I've grown older, I grown wiser and now so will my website and the content you will find here. I want us all to take this new journey in life together. I want to thank you for supporting me.