Dior Runs Monaco


Do you love Dior? Well every year, film stars and movie executives’ flock to Cannes for one of the most popular film festivals in the world. It’s a big deal to be a participant in the festival as well as a guest asked to walk the red carpet. Celebrities walking red carpet at the Cannes certainly represented, displaying some of the most photographed looks on the web!



The Dior show resonated with fashion audiences worldwide. Mixed textures, shades of royal blue and various metallics seem to be the color palate of choice. Hem lines from long to mid-thigh suggest fashion is moving towards being less body conscious and more about silhouettes and movement. Dior is about the sexy, curvy executive  not scared to wear a longer straight skirt. Here are a few pics of the Dior evening from the red carpet at the festival.

I couldn’t resist giving you a few of my personal favorite looks from the show and a few Starlets that were photographed in Dior recently for the red carpet at Cannes.

Dior at the Cannes






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