Draya Michele vs. Sundy Carter


Was Draya Michele referring to Sundy Carter when she tweeted this?
Draya Michele Tweet

sundy carter

I could not have said it better myself. On Monday night’s episode, we saw Sundy Carter throw on her Air Force Ones and request a rematch.

She also did take credit for Sunday Carter’s black eyes Windrim Michelle tweeted

Draya Michele Tweet 2

But many minds have been changed about how they feel pertaining to Draya Michele – she’s definitely made some changes from last season til now. We even got a chance to see a sincere and honest come to Jesus moment between Draya Michele and Jackie Christie (heartfelt). Fans all over the Twitter supported Draya with comments like she’s going to make me cry. If you did not like Draya’s drama on the first or second season you definitely fall in love with her change in character now. Oh and we don’t really care about Sundy or her black-eye.

Sundy Carter Black Eye

Sundy Carter BlackEye