Driven By Design: LA Fashion Week Kick Off


On Friday October 4th  an infusion of eclectic accessories, jewelry, and trendsetting fashion kicked off  LA Fashion week with The Driven by Design L.A. fashion showcase presented by Lori A. Neal and Lela Christine.

We were immersed in a realm a fashion through welcoming designer booths and collections before the show. I stopped by Vietnamese designer Thai Nguyen (Tie-Win) booth and could not take my eyes off of the couture draped mannequins! Thai opened up about what we could  expect next from him and he jokingly replied, “No more reality TV!”

If you have not heard of this fabulous designer, he came in second place on Bravo’s Launch My Line. Although he is focused on being one of the biggest couture fashion names in Vietnamese entertainment, he plans on opening a boutique in Los Angeles in addition to his Huntington Beach location with ready to wear Thai Nguyen pieces!

Karlita Designs kicked off the show with custom made jewelry that caught our eye and has even custom designed jewelry for the soulful songstress Erykah Badu! The pieces are created from energy and healing stones that are good for the body and a fabulous fashion statement.

Animal prints were unleashed from the Dena Burton collection and traded in for warm tones, vibrant patterns, and luminescent colors.  This collection is designed for every woman to magnify a classy diverse beauty. She has something for the lady that likes to lunch to the divas who want to show of their legs or demand respect in the boardroom.

Smooth, chiseled, perfectly cut, and I am just talking about the models that walked the runway adorning themselves in the Felio Siby’s collection. His collection of leather, crocodile, and ostrich skin bags threw us all for a loop and made us want to travel around the world with the men carrying the bags!

This event had all kinds of goodies trickled in from Mekhi Phifer as one of the attendees to swag bags to dance performance to Marvin Cortes ( also known as Starvin Marvin from America’s Next Top Model) strutting his stuff up and down the catwalk.

Driven by Design set out to kick off LA Fashion Week!  Lori and Lela are the epitome of being driven by design. With Lori’s interior design background and Lela’s background in fashion, it was the perfect concoction to make a beautiful night come together successfully.


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