Evelyn Lozada vs. Wendy Williams

evelyn lozada pregnant
Many appreciate the empire that Wendy Williams has built. Most of us have grown to love Wendy and she has become a friend in our head, but has the talk show host come for the wrong one this time?

Wendy Williams and Husband
Rumors have been circulating for years about Wendy’s husband Kevin and his cheating for the last decade or so. We have never given the notion any of these rumors were valid, but does Evelyn Lozada have inside knowledge about Wendy’s husband escapades?




Wendy Williams Evelyn LozadaWell according to the Facebook page of Evelyn Lozada, Kevin Hunter has purchased expensive boots from ‘Dulce’ – Evelyn’s now closed Miami high-end shoe boutique.





Check out the Facebook post and recent photos of the pissed off mom to be, but what did Wendy do to get under her skin ?

Evelyn Lozada FB Post