Fab Friday: Making Africa Pop! Yolanda Sangweni


“AfriPOP! is… a labor of love; a celebration of our innovativeness, our funkiness, our style, our possibilities as children of Africa.”

– Yolanda Sangweni on her Magazine AfriPOP

Yolanda Sangweni is a woman on a mission to make people of color embrace their skin, style, music, and unique voice through her own ‘love letter’ to African culture as Editor-In-Chief of AfriPOP! AfriPOP is the web magazine for the African global citizen that spreads their influence, talent, and more around the world to be glorified. The web magazine provides the latest trends in African culture through fashion, film, music and more!

Yolanda Sangweni is also the Senior Editor for Essence.com which celebrates the diversity of the African-American women experience through the arts, business, entertainment, finances, health, relationships, and spirituality.

Her strategic brilliance to ensure the uplifting of the African culture throughout the world inspires us to seek greatness and not cower under faux roadblocks.  Yolanda Sangweni is to be applauded for her continued efforts to reach and encourage the minds of the disheartened, under-informed, empowerment seeking individual through the written word.

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