#FeedArt: TIDAL – A Wake Up Call For All Artists

TIDAL is an artist majority owned company with a mission to reestablish the value of music, the protection of the sustainability of the music industry rooted in creativity and expression.

Just as our vision is to introduce change to the current system, during the upcoming months we will continue to expand this platform into an all-encompassing destination. We are working diligently everyday to enhance the overall service.

Today, the site encompasses high quality sound, video, exclusive editorial but there are more features on the way. In time, TIDAL will be not just a streaming service but a platform with enhanced experiences.


These are the 16 (technically 18) music artists who currently own TIDAL

Arcade Fire,  Alicia Keys,  Rihanna, Jay-Z,  Kanye West, Usher,  Madonna,  Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Daft Punk, Calvin Harris, Chris Martin (Coldplay), Jack White,  Jason Aldean, J Cole, and Deadmau5 (Dead Mouse).

All involved are extremely successful and most are legendary and many of the artists who make up TIDAL have worked on music projects together.

I’m actually surprised that it took this long for a group of artists, musical or otherwise, to come together in business in the name of art ; although I’m sure egos, schedules, and a general liking for each other has played a part in something like this not existing before now.

I say good for them and it’s about time. The music business is always evolving and it’s important for artists to have multiple streams of income. Yes, even the artists who are already millionaires.


Affluent artists must keep investing in themselves and their art to make sure that they remain wealthy. Money can be lost as fast as it was earned.

However, TIDAL is not just about the rich getting richer…

Deadmau5 says, “TIDAL is as an opportunity to cut out the unnecessary middleman that labels have become, so that the artists, especially independent ones, can have the ability to enter in a direct relationship with the streaming platform, thus minimizing royalty splits and loss of income for the artists.”

I encourage all artists, whether you are a writer, musician, visual artist, photographer, performance artist etc. to join together with other artists in your network. It’s hard being an independent artist and there is power in numbers.

Instead of seeing each other as competition, join together to build something amazing that will benefit all artists involved and become a beacon for other aspiring artists.

Tides rise and fall like waves and art is about the possibility of things. I’m sure that TIDAL will be a force to be reckoned with and that over time the projects released will become some of our favorites.

TIDAL – Listen now!

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Leigh Langston is the Entertainment Editor for Ms. Nix and the artist behind The #FeedArt Network (DangerousLee.biz) where she specializes in social media marketing for indie artists and creative entrepreneurs. She is also the author of the safe sex erotica anthology, Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down and an eBook on colorism, The Half Series: When Black People Look White.