Foxy Brown Calls Beyoncé a Halitosis Heffa, Accuses Jay-Z and Jamie Foxx of Lewd Acts with a Minor


Well, well, well, Foxy Brown (female rapper from 1990’s) is making some super foul claims about two of the most popular African-American entertainers. In a recent interview, Foxy dished she was involved in threesomes with Jay-Z and Jaime Foxx while still a juvenile. She also claims that she contracted a sexually transmitted disease and rap mogul Jay-Z funded her lavish lifestyle.


This week is the opening of the Great Gatsby for Jay-Z and Jamie Foxx landed the role of Daddy Warbucks in the new version of Annie. We know that these allegations from Foxy Brown may never be proven but we have nothing but well wishes for all parties as this story unfolds.

jay z great gatsby

jamie foxx in annie


Photo credit : Instagram & Twitter