The Game Helps Taalib Pecantte’s Mother

20131213-230656.jpgThis young baby, Taalib Pecantte, is no longer with us. Last week he was gunned down while sitting in a car with his mom. Sources say, the 7 year old
had just returned from Target when suspects fired shots into the parked car. The picture (above) of Taalib and President Barack Obama was taken when
he was less than two years old. There are not many of us who can say we’ve met the President and Taalib had already done something in his short life many of us
will never do in a lifetime. Sawan Mock (Taalib’s mother) used football to keep her baby boy out of the streets and going in a positive direction; he was a
member of Snoop Lion’s sponsored Compton football league and he was a star player.

Taalib Pecantte 1

The Game heard of the child’s death, He and a few friends pitched in to help the mother with the funeral. He posted these pics to his Instagram account


Games’ generosity is bringing awareness to this crime and there is a $50,000 reward offered to anyone who can give police information that may lead to the capture and arrest of the suspects.

In Memory of Taalib Pecanntte

Sawan Mock

Taalib Pecantte Funeral

The Game


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