Gig-It New Facebook Game…. Launched in NYC

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So what do you get when you cross music with social media, throw in 50 or more musicians, rappers, and singers?  You choose their style and have them perform in virtual concert.  You may have been wondering what Facebook has up its sleeve since their IPO last year.  The mega brand has been looking for yet another way to keep its users spending even more time online. Introducing Gig-It … Sounds good as it rolls off your tongue and cutting edge. But what is Gig-It? Unlike Candy Crush, Family Feud with Friends and the many other popular Facebook games at the moment; With Gig-It you will have the ability the pick an artist, a venue and throw a live concert while selling tickets, and sell merchandise. All fantasy but imagine how creative and its users will be. Move over Beyoncé, someone might just outdo your stellar half time performance. Players will spend time creating the most captivating virtual performances to share with their followers and friends. The new game won’t be available for play until sometime in May 2013 but on April 30, 2013 in NYC music stars came out in full force to launch the Facebook game app. Check out pics below

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