GLBS – Ghetto Low Class BS (Segment Writer Bio)

I just can’t explain why I know some of the world’s craziest people; I can’t explain why they all feel the need to tell me their stories. You may call me crazy for listening but I can’t help but try to make since of their madness. I can say they are entertaining to me and I hope some of the things I share are just as entertaining to you. I am telling you right now; I am not always politically correct, sensitive or compassionate to what others may think, feel or say! I am honest and opinionated (I think that’s why Ms. Nix put me on the website) and I always say what I mean and mean what I say!!!! When you go on my segment know you about to read some real Ghetto Low Class Bullshit!


I've seen it all, been through it all and I am still standing strong. I have very little patience for foolishness but I have enough compassion and drive to help those who ask for help. Recently, I got tired of seeing women just making some poor choices and having made many mistakes in my life; I am here to help you out!