GMA: Mariah Carey’s Wardrobe Malfunction


Central Park (New York) is where you should be on a beautiful morning like this and after much promotion; the first concert of the Summer Concert Series from Good Morning America was underway. Off from her job in Los Angeles Mariah Carey hit the stage and sang “Always Be My Baby.” While being interviewed by the host, Mariah says “The back of my dress just popped!” What do you know the back of her pink Donatella Versace dress popped open while on air.


“Well, I’ll just hold them up the whole time,” she joked with the GMA host.


She returned to the stage in a floor length number that was none the less stunning (she really has class) and handles it as only a professional could and to think she would have held herself up the whole time instead of disappointing her fans who started filling the venue many hours before the show aired.

We do love Mariah … Go ahead #MIMI

The only thing worse than your run-of-the-mill wardrobe malfunction is a wardrobe malfunction that happens on live TV. But kudos to Mariah Carey and Lara Spencer, who managed to muddle their way through Mariah’s on-camera dress mishap on “Good

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