Drunk In Love & Macklemore: Grammys 2014 Review


Last Night the 56th Annual Grammy’s were held in Los Angeles, CA at the Staples Center. Let me get straight to my review because I have a lot to say and there isn’t enough internet space in the world!

Photo by Billboard.com

Photo by Billboard.com


I will reserve my #KingBey Beyonce performance review for last.  The Best performances of the evening were Kendrick Lamar and Katy Perry. I truly enjoyed what they brought to the table especially that cutie Kendrick. He’s so passionate you can tell in the way he raps, his showmanship he loves what he does. Katy truly won me over last night I simply loved her from her red carpet look to her stage performance! I was here for it all Ms. Perry!

Celebrating Couple at the Mass Grammy Wedding

Celebrating Couple at the  Grammy Wedding as see on SpolightDiva.com

Macklemore , Madonna, Queen Latifah made history by marrying 33 couples on live TV. I am never one for the dog and pony shows as it pertains to these PR stunts people do *ques Madonna calling her son the “N” however it was clear folks were upset about Macklemore sweeping the Rap categories. Personally, Macklemore didn’t deserve to win all of these awards but he did deserve to win I will not take that away from him however Best album? Or New Artist? Nah try again. Miss me with the politics he went up against a lot of great albums that were simply just better than his Bottomline. What came after is truly questionable Mack screenshot a text he sent to Kendrick saying “It’s weird and it sucks that I robbed you”. If it is real it truly shows his humility as an artist. 1623653_923035792243_377611204_n

Moving right along I don’t like how R&B and Rap Categories are not aired on TV but that’s an entirely different topic I will reserve for another day. If the Grammy’s are the biggest night of the year in music than everyone should be included, If you can air YouTube videos you definitely can air those two categories!





Video by:VinerArmy

So now onto Beyonce’s  performance it was sexy, it was visual; I enjoyed her performance however it was not an opening show piece. I saw the hype surrounding the Carters performing but Drunk In Love is a slow song what did the people expect?  It could have been a great opening if she would have mashed up a few songs like Yonce/Partition than go into Drunk In Love. You can thank me later! Beyonce got on her Ikea chair and served you all the business . Why? Because she is simply the best and that’s what you have to know, understand, and accept. She is #kingbey .  The Carters are The Power Couple so there’s that. Her red carpet dress was nice though.


Photo as seen on SpotlightDiva.com

Photo as seen on SpotlightDiva.com

Lastly my boo Ciara and baby bump was everything. Overall the Grammys was a great celebration of music.



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