Green Light On A Redo Music Career: Eddie Murphy & Snoop Lion’s – Red Light

eddie murphy

Eddie Murphy and Snoop Lion’s ‘Red Light’ is an old school poetic cry about societal issues and demand for change laid over a smooth reggae beat, that awakened and reformed  the music career for the 52-year-old comedy legend. This song came as a (WTH) surprise from the ‘Party All The Time’ singer, especially since his first album back in the 80’s bombed terribly. It is commendable for him to step away from the loveable Donkey (Shrek) on the silver screen and lend voice to a demand for change, such as the powerful Reggae Legend Bob Marley once did.

Rollin down the street smoking indo sippin on gin and juice- Laid back (with my mind on my money and my money on my mind.  


We can ride, we can roll, we can breathe, we can talk, we can walk, we can stop at the red light. We can smoke, we can do what we want, to be real we can stop at the red light
We stay true with you  be way up and above, push and shove at the red light

Now we thought that Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dog) just became a Rasta to love on the ganja for ‘religious reasons’, however with this sociopolitical charged song there may be some seriousness to it.  The way he raps has a different tone all together that calls for peace within ourselves, which is an astounding turnaround from his gangsta rap days.  He still loves his smoke though…we still love you Snoop!

Gone are the rebels– I think not, when a 52 year old successful comedic actor and failed singer decided he was going to pick up an old career. How many of us let go of a dream because we failed miserably? By leading his new album  (yet to be named) with this song he genuinely has a shot at adding a Grammy to his host of other awards.

Are you excited to hear what else Eddie Murphy, Snoop Lion, and more have to offer?

Eddie Murphy & Snoop Lion

Watch the video and tell us what you think…

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