Groupon Not Your Average Coupons!


My best-friend, Erica, is the queen of  Groupon Coupons so naturally when I was provided to do a sponsored post to give my own insight on one of the greatest coupon websites; I accepted without reservation (Erica is going to love this)!

girlfriends at the spa

Each month, we plan a “girl’s day/night” to catch up on each other’s lives and, in most cases, Groupon Coupons are involved. Our last outing was a trip to the spa and I don’t know too many people who would pass up a chance to get a facial, full body scrub and a massage especially at a fraction of the cost!


Groupon Coupons have such a large variety of coupons from major retailers like Sprint whose currently offering a new iPhone SE when you use the advertised coupon to start new phone service. Or you may want to take advantage of a trip to Las Vegas with the family, summer is coming and what better way to have some family fun (during the day) and some adult time at night! If you need discounted entertainment, deals on electronics, the quick gift for a family member or friend or huge discounts on things you may want or need go to Groupon Coupons and get everything without making a huge dent in your pocket.




Please give us your Mix and let us know if you’ve used Groupon Coupons and what type of experience you may have had?

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