Groupon Take Me Away!!! #Spon #Ad

Hello Mix Readers, especially those just recovering from the back to school rush. This is a sponsored post for Groupon and these are my own opinions and I know my followers love to see my thoughts at least most of the time…


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The summer is finally winding down and it time to do something that will give me and my girlfriends’ that much needed pick me up after a couple of weeks of preparing lunches, ironing school clothes, starting a new grade level and meeting all our new teachers at back to school night – yes, when the kids go back to school so do we right?

Stressed MomI, Ms. Nix, and all the other mothers’ who have just entered elementary, middle a variety of discounted offers to sooth the soul, relax your body and stimulate your mind school and high school for the second time in our lives are deserving of a little pampering. GROUPON take me away!!!!! It is time for all moms’ to consider their Health, Beauty and Wellness and why not save a few bucks in the process.

massageGroupon has a variety of discounted deals that will keep money in your pockets and bring serenity into your life. Right now, I am sure after hours of signing paperwork for classes, buying school supplies, setting up study areas and trying to understand “new math” – you could use a deep-tissue massage, a calming yoga class and even a facial to put some pep back into your step; I know I sure do.

GrouponWhy not take advantage of some of the best deals on the Internet and check out Groupon! I am on my way to the site right now and hey, tell me what you offer you picked. If you get a spa day, let me know I might see you there!! Thank goodness for Groupon!

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