I’m Still In Love With My Ex’s Kids?

Baby, I will give you the world and all its wonders if that is what you  desire today. For you I will fight battles with the devil himself if it will bring you joy. I can climb with you up a mountain or dance under the moon with you if it will make you smile. For you, my majestic being, I will create roads to success just to see you conquer your haters. My body is yours and you may do what you please to it as I will do with yours. You can have all of this and more, but you cannot have my heart. My heart was stolen long ago, not by another woman, but her children who give me the fulfillment that I strive to give you. There is nothing romantic about it, they are the completion of my soul that every person craves to have in their life. I am able to be the man I am because of them although they do not share my blood, only hers.  What I am saying to you is I will allow you to love me, but I cannot love you because I am in love with my ex’s kids.- The man you love

Why the hell can’t a woman over 28 catch a break when it comes to available single men?  We work so hard to perfect ourselves to our own standards and bellow ‘Independent Woman‘ by Destiny’s Child with pride, until we fall into the void of loneliness. Then we fight to have a man in our life with the following requirements: Stable, Loyal, No Psychos, and No Kids . When you start to creep over 30 these types of men are far and few between, however they are out there. So to find one that meets your every need and  has a strong affection for children that are not his, is all the more a deal-breaker as well as a heart break.  Now let’s not label children as a total turn off. A man having a father’s heart is actually a beautiful thing that can be shared within the family you create together.

Now the first assumption is he is not in love with the kids he still love’s his ex and is using the kids as a front. This is something that is an undesirable circumstance, but easier to accept. Situations such as  his ex calling him to ask  when he is coming over to carve the pumpkins for Halloween or help the kids Christmas shop. Much like an ex-baby-mama would do. In that type of annoying situation you simply nod, smile, and cooperate to keep the peace for the kids.  But since the only  binding tie he has to this woman is a mortgage on a house that he paid for and she kicked him out of,  there is no reason for them to communicate especially over the kids.

What can a woman possibly offer a man that has chosen to fill his life with the love of children and not a spouse? She can sex him until he utters ‘what kids’.  She can support him in new business ventures and listen to his daily cries. She can create new experiences with him via vacation or food.  She can suggest times where they can all be together as a family to help him ween off the children. Hold up! Too close he has now snapped and told you that his life with his kids is separate from a life with you. So what does that now make you…the side chick.

Wasn’t this an exclusive relationship? When did you become the side chick? The whole point of dating past 28 is to  settle down and create a family. So here it is, the ultimatum when you ask him to choose a life with you or with the kids. Secretly you hope for the most mentally peaceful situation, which is to be with you. His life and yours depend on this unhealthy attachment ending. For the sake of the children you hope that he is able to break ties with them, so that when their mother meets her perfect match there is no confusion of who their real father is.  Tick tock tick tock. What is the final answer? A text that simply states: You have been wonderful to me. But my ex and I are back together now so that we can raise our family.

**This article is based on actual events**

What do women over 28 have to offer men, when their hearts are broken by exes and stolen by the love of their ex’s kids? Does she fight for his love?

Was it the ex’s ploy all along to get back her man?

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