Kandi Burruss Breakdown During TV Interview

kandi burruss

Kandi Burruss has an amazing sex toy line, a solid rep in the music industry, and is only growing her empire. So why was she so upset with Twitter? Apparently, since the airing of #RHOA “The old lady and the shoe,” too many folks have been offering her advice about her relationship with her momma.

kandi burruss and todd

Now, we hate to see Kandi Burruss cry again but she was justified. She was hurt and emotional with regard to how she feels about the situation. Her mom does not approve of her fiancé, Todd Tucker, and Kandi is suffering because of her mom’s disapproval. Rumor has it that momma Joyce is still not speaking to Kandi. We hope this isn’t the case and we hope that Kandi marries and gains the support from the matriarchs in the family. But personally, if my mom didn’t want me to marry a man she thought he was shady, I would dump him fast and have!!! No mother wants to see their child hurt and we have to side with Ms.  Joyce.

 Kandi Burruss, Momma Joyce and Todd Tucker – #RHOA

Momma Joyce

Kandi and Todd

Kandi and Momma Joyce

 We love you momma Joyce!