LA Sheriff’s Present Justin Beiber Case To The DA

20130529-163654.jpgSo what do you get when you put a millionaire teen pop star, Justin Beiber, behind the wheel of this car speeding home to his huge house?

20130529-163928.jpg And then he almost hits an NFL star, Keyshawn Johnson, and his kids while walking in their exclusive gates community?20130529-164049.jpg You get a case!!!! Well Mr. Johnson was probably as concerned as anyone when he jumped into this car (a Prius)


And chased down Beiber
Keyshawn is not the only one that should be concerned about Beiber’s behavior. It’s reckless and we hoped Usher will put him in check. However, Usher is busy planning to star as Sugar Ray Leonard while on hiatus from The Voice.


This is the second case for Justin Beiber in Los Angeles. Police showed up to question him about this incident and remember, he has allegedly threatened someone before and been caught with drugs while overseas on tour.


We hope Selena Gomez can calm him down. Good luck Beiber. Let us know what you think @msnix2

Justin Beiber and Keyshawn Johnson

20130529-164823.jpg 20130529-164832.jpg


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