Las Vegas City of Lights Jazz and R&B Festival

Vegas City Lights Festival

If you are a true fan of jazz, I know you are following the jazz festival concert circuit. Up next, the Las Vegas City of Lights Jazz and R&B Festival. This concert will take place April 27  – April 28, 2013. The Las Vegas Jazz Festival usually sells out so if you haven’t gotten your tickets you better do so very soon, the event is coming up rather quickly. The line up is always great and make sure you prepare for the weather – HOT!!!! If you a new comer to the jazz scene or if you are a regular attender remember to check with the venues rules what is or is not allowed to be bought into the venue. Most arenas have a very strict policy on food, drinks and what items you can enter into the park with (e.g. chairs, tents, tarps,…).

You can get more detailed information by going to the festivals website at:  – make sure to send me pictures of the fun.

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