#LHHATL: Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Season 4 – Episode 1 Recap

Well the new season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta #LHHATL came out with a bang last night. Most of the old cast was there: Mimi Faust, Nikko, Stevie J. ,Joseline (who was noticeably not in the first episode), Erica Dixon, Momma Dee (with ex-husband in tow), Scrappy and Bambi, Rasheeda and Kirk Frost, Karlie Redd, Yung Joc and his new love interest/personal assistant Khadiyah, Kalenna and Tony Vick

But we were also introduced to some new faces in addition to the return of K. Michelle:

PreMadonna, Jessica “Dimepiece”, Margeaux (Nikko’s wife) and Tiffany Foxx – I can already see there is going to be two breakaway stars, can you guess who I’m talking about?

It is going to be an interesting season to say the least, so let’s give a quick recap of what happened last night…

Mimi Faust, Nikko, Margeaux and Stevie J: I am sorry but who in their right mind would sign a contract giving a man (who is married and shady) 25% of anything – sorry Mimi but when more than one person tells you something you should take a look at it. We saw that you could be a strong woman (that small window between giving Stevie the boot and introducing Nikko into your world), but you let a snake bit you and now his venom is spreading …to your pockets and your reputation! Mimi and Stevie J going into business together looks like a disaster waiting to happen – hope things turn out well in the new “business venture!” As far as Nikko goes, not only does he want Mimi to show him the money but he’s bought along is estranged wife, Margeaux and she looks like she means to start some s#@!

Kalenna and Tony Vick: So far, their storyline has yet to really develop but what we do know is that money is real funny for them right now. Let’s hope this couple can pull things together – they are the most genuine couple on the show.

Rasheeda, Kirk and all the side pieces: Okay, by now I think most of us already know how this is going to go. Another season of Kirk and is infidelity issues – real talk, Rasheeda is a beautiful woman with what seems to be a good head on her shoulders, why continue looking like the naïve wife? Last season it was the cabin chick and the babysitter and now it’s the new artist? Come on now, really? I don’t want to see Rasheeda allowing herself to be the victim another season and then turn around to say she’s a ride or die chick for a man whose doing nothing but making her look extremely weak or should we chalk it up to the shows editing.

Momma Dee, Scrappy, Bambi and Erica Dixon: Okay, I’ve got to say Momma Dee reminds me so much of some of the “hood” mother’s I know – hate their son’s new girl so they befriend the baby momma and they team up on the new chick that comes along – “The Bambi” was never liked Momma Dee. Erica revealed Scrappy was not paying child support and Momma Dee went off; Scrappy denies the accusation but we shall see how the story unfolds…


Karlie Redd, Yung Joc, and Khadiyah: Karlie Redd has officially moved on from Yung Joc. Joc is in a “situationship” with his personal assistant/real estate agent/lady friend Khadiyah. The upcoming season shows all Joc’s business coming out – kids, baby mommas’ and Khadiyah OH MY!!!! (It may sound corny but it was funny to me).

And speaking of upcoming season, it seems K. Michelle has left the New York cast and returned to the Atlanta show – what made her come back? What happened in New York? Don’t know how she’s going to fit in the cast mates have a certain chemistry that’s working…let’s see how K. Michelle gets into the mix…

Finally, the new faces on the show:  PreMadonna the owner and operator of the Waist Gang Society (the waist training belts, etc.); Jessica “DimePiece (the former stripper turned hip hop artist); and Tiffany Foxx (hip hop artist and entertainer)…while Tiffany and PreMadonna seem interesting enough to add some pizzazz to the show – it’s Jessica Dime who looks like she’s going to be the breakout star! She came on screen showing her “assets” which caught everyone’s attention and once she opened her mouth it was obvious – she’s a time bomb waiting to set-it-off!!!  Did anyone really notice Benzino and Althea were missing? Did we expect them to return for some reason? Hmmmm…

Well, ladies and gents…the show seems like it will bring some entertainment to those who are fans of the reality TV circuit especially the Love and Hip Hop franchise #LHHATL #LHHAFTERPARTY!…we will keep you posted and recap the episodes…until next week, keep it mixin’!