#LHHATL: Mimi Faust and Nikko – You Can Do Better Mimi!


Viewers had a lot to say about MiMi Faust of Love And HipHop Atlanta (#LHHATL) this season. We feel for her as the world gets a front row seat to all the ups and downs. We really want her love interest to be the right man this time because MiMi seems loyal and genuine. Faust seemed to understand, “You Don’t Have to Be a Blank Chick All Your Life.” But we can’t understand how Nikko, (the on-screen love interest of MiMi Faust) went from handsome on the season opener to WTF gas face in two episodes. He’s a bald, aging snagle-tooth opportunist.   Check out pics below.

Love and HipHop Atlanta (#LHHATL)

Nikko on a good day!

Nikko on a bad day!




Who do you think make a better looking couple? Mimi and Nikko (Miko) or Joseline and Steebie? Let us know #msnixinthemix