#LHHATL – The Finale Recap


Joseline Hernandez has been giving side-chicks hope since 2011, but did Stevie J and Joseline really tie the knot? #lHHATL fans alike really want to know how these and other issue will resolve themselves.

erica dixon
Erica Dixon has been supported by the fans until after a recent fight with Momma Dee in which she, with her classy ass, provoked Lil Scrappy to hit her then said threatened to have him locked up (typical ratchet move). Yet, Lil Scrappy still pursues the option of marriage with Erica (WTF).

joseline mimi stevie j
In this episode we also see a vulnerable Joseline address issues from her past and show up to what she expected to be a happy day. She has come a long way and vented to her boo Stevie J. Stevie J , no matter how you feel about him , can really make whomever he is with at the time feel as if they are the only person in the world and attempts to do so with both Joseline and Mimi…(Still SMH)!

rasheeda pregnantrasheeda kirk pregnantrasheeda mom
Rasheeda also acknowledge the public humiliation that lurch Kirk Frost has put her through. She keeps it real with Kirk and lets him know she’s looking for a divorce. She also drops a bomb and tells him know that infidelity is not acceptable to her. A pregnant Rasheeda stood strong and files for separation (she is the only who has any backbone). She and her hero mom (Shirlene) prepares for her new son – gotta love her mother, she’s a ride or die chick!

mimi faust boobs
Why in the hell would Mimi Faust nurse a child for 36 months? Is that even necessary? Well we find out that she needs breast augmentation to correct the damage left from her nursing – new boobs for Mimi.

lhhatl cast

karlie redd

ariane davis


Mimi and the new girls slimed Joseline with some really great one liners as Joseline pounded Stevie J… Stevie should really know that every time he puts these two classy ratchets in the same room he’s going to get beat DOWN!

Lhhatl 1
Why was Joseline a look-alike so damn angry? Can someone please explain that to me….? Benzino, would you like to take this one?

mona scott
Mona Scott Young did it again. She has been able to bring forth ratchet-ness in heels, so to speak.

k michelle

karlie redd

Oh and we still love K. Michelle and love, love, love Karlie Redd’s new hit with Bernie man (reggae fans here at M. Nix in the Mix).

dj traci steele

DJ Traci Steele’s story line bought some excitement but quickly fell to the back of the list as the drama between Rasheeda and Kirk and Joseline, Mimi and Stevie J. stole the season away.

How would you feel if your man asked you to be in a 3-way partnership, ring included?

If you were Rasheeda, how would you deal with Kirk?

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