My Little Secret… Trojan Valentine’s Day Edition

My Friday nights were never spent alone, especially on Valentine’s Day. This particular Friday I crept into my home to meet a gentleman before my husband arrived home.  A friend unknown to my public life that helps me sneak away into a world of ecstasy, with tricks unbeknownst to my body. His flicking tongue slipped into my retreat of euphoric pleasure and quivered my bodice until I was ready for the real thing. The strokes of this unearthly beast gently massaged my core and I felt the power from my toes all the way up my spine. Just when I thought it was too much and knew we had to hurry, he changed on me. Slow, deep, hard, and finally the eruption that released all my fears, stress, and refreshed my body. I snuck him away from to avoid the  impending arrival of my husband and wiped myself down to get ready for him.

My husband came in the house and as expected, slyly grinned at his glowing wife on the bed. I was relaxed and ready to see what he could do for me. He pulled off his clothes and casually collapsed onto the bed. He rolled over to grab his ‘party goods’ and I feared remnants of my affair would show, but he missed it. My husband enjoys playing with me before we get down to business. Since I had my ‘pre-workout’ with my lover I was conditioned for anything. My heart was pounding as he massaged oil all over my body and added  a few more drops specifically for her. Then when I least expected it I heard the package of his ‘party hat’ opening and before I knew it  my screams echoed through our neighborhood.  I had no shame.

While we laid in the passion stained sheets,  I smiled at the fact that I had it all this Valentine’s Day. A man to tenderly touch me meeting all my desires and a secret lover that gave me unearthly pleasure.  My husband will never know why I glow and can give him my all when he walks through the door. No, my husband will never know about my affair with the Trojan Tri-Phoria Vibrator.

**This is a fictional story surrounding the Trojan products seen below.**

TriPhoria_box_front hi-res

Trojan™ Tri•Phoria™Vibrator

Our most popular vibrator provides 24 unique pleasure combinations via three interchangeable tips and eight vibration modes.


Trojan™Arouses & Intensifies Lubricant

Trojan’s latest bedroom innovation is perfect for foreplay massage or clitoral stimulation to help enhance sensations during intercourse and take passion to new heights.


Pure Ecstasy Right

How To Choose A Condom According to Science- Jen Reviews

The newest Trojan™ condom innovation features a revolutionary patented design that lets you feel the pleasure, not the condom.



Please practice safe sex and enjoy yourself this Valentine’s Day with Trojan!

#SponsoredPost  All Trojan product photos and descriptions are property of Trojan and were provided for the purpose of this post.


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