LMBO!!! Wanda Sykes You Said What People Are Thinking!

wanda sykes

Did I just hear what I thought I heard? Wanda Sykes just said what tons of people have been thinking – Paula Deen needs to shut da hell up! For those who are unaware, Paula Deen recently gave her deposition where she has admitted using the N-word as well as contemplating hiring African-American men to dress up as slaves to serve at a contracted wedding gig.

When the news first broke, I thought, well her public relations agent Barry Weiss will make some kind of public apology on behalf of his client and this will creep out of the public eye. However, Mr. Weiss seemingly let his client make one of the worst mistakes of her career and allowed her to not only make the deposition, that has now become public, but give the worst apology in the history of damage control campaigning USA Today has ever seen:

Video Courtesy of USA Today

Mr. Weiss never came and saved Paula, in fact, he left her out there to drown. The more she made public appearances to clean up the mess she made – the worst things have gotten. I just couldn’t believe her PR rep was allowing her to do go down in flames and just wouldn’t tell her to shut the hell up. But last Friday, while appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Wanda Sykes told Paula Deen what her PR agent should have told her some time ago…watch the video:



Video Courtesy of The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

Thank you, thank you, thank you Wanda – finally, somebody told her what most of the world was thinking. From the entire Ms. Nix in the Mix team we want to say how much we salute you for being the first to tell Paula to shut the f@#! up!!! Let us know what you think about the scandal and Wanda’s public service announcement on Twitter at MsNix2 or #msnixinthemix or by commenting below – we are eager to hear what you think!

Just for fun, I had to post the funniest video circulating in social media right now on the subject:


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