Love and Hip Hop New York Season 4: What the Hell?

Mona Scott YoungWhen I kept getting phone calls from all my reality TV show junkies to check out Season 4 of Love and Hip Hop New York – I made sure to set my DVR to record it because I knew I would have to play catch since I didn’t watch the premiere (boo on me, I know)!

rasheeda and kirk

So I sat down and watched both episodes, after I digested everything my eyes saw and ears heard – the first thing I thought was, “Damn Mona Scott-Young did it again!” Last year, we watched a pregnant Rasheeda deal her husband Kirk “let-my-tongue-swang-d@#%-slang-on-a-reality-TV-show-while my-wife-is-carrying-my-seed” Frost on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

Peter Gunz

This season, we are viewing a very messy situation – The Peter Gunz Greed Love Feast 2013 style. There are a few stories lines developing among the cast members – Saigon and Erica Jean, Rich Dollaz (I don’t know how I feel about you right now so let me move on) and Joe Budden and Tahiry. But the break-a-way stars for the moment is dirty dealing Peter Gunz, Tara Wallace, and Amina Buddafly.

rich dollaz

saigon and erica jean

Joe Budden and Tahiry

Peter Gunz1

Now correct me if I’m wrong but from what I saw here’s how it went, side chick got talent and is DTF…main chick is stable and been in the scene but nothing is really going on bad, just a little boring…side chick is new and exciting and provides an escape (Peter’s words in episode 2 not mines) from the bs with main chick, kids, career, etc…side chick throws a mean 1, 2 punch with the tah-tah, Gunz is shook and says okay let me put my last name on that kitty-kat cause I’ve got to have it…oh, but don’t tell nobody..ssshhh it’s a secret…and I’ll tell main chick, ummmm….TOMORROW!

Amina Buddafly

Amina Buddafly1Main chick starts getting that feeling that side chick is NOT just musical “client”… (come clean Gunz, that’s too much like right) and ole’ Petey denies it (you can’t take this one to your grave its being broadcasted on National Television)…even slick ass Rich Dollaz says you can’t shit where you sleep…but the damage is done because side chick is NOW wife chick and main chick looks like a blank chick and all of it is bullshit!

Love and Hip Hop New York

Tara Wallace2

Tara Wallace1

Tara Wallace

Amina Buddafly2

I can’t go no further, I need to see what ya’ll think…someone has to tell me, please tell me what the hell is going on here…I want to say that I am wrong about all of this but I need your help…

love and hip hop new york

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