Mistress Series: Break Up, Make Up, Don’t Give A…


from:  Violet Robinson <[email protected]>
to:  Ricky   ##########@gmail.com
date:  Mon, 13  February, 2012 at 8:00 AM
subject:  Why?


Was it worth it Ricky? Did it take you two years to figure out that the pussy you were so addicted to was worthless to you? You took life out of me when I gave you my heart and you never gave me yours. I gave you my body, twisted in unnatural pleasurable ways, because it made you feel like a man. I endured the whips, chains, and stains from your twisted fantasies, because it made me feel like I belonged to someone and my life was worth something. I took care of my kids and yours with the “allowance” you gave me, while you were off laid up with your ho of a wife. All for the monthly promise of leaving your wife, only to hear her moans on the other side of the phone when I called you for dinner. You told me she broke your heart and instead of making a new life with me, you took my heart away. Why?

I’m no saint. I chased after you because I knew you would feed my addiction to weed and the stroke of a man. Until I realized how much more life I could have with you. You allowed me to trust you and brought me out of my addiction to weed, because I was led to believe that you loved me. But month after month of broken promises and countless lies I fell back in to my addiction and found love in my weed dealers Brandon, Jason, and Shawn. Each of them let me grind, ride, and suck them until there was no juice left, but no one treated me like the woman you allowed me to believe I had become. I felt bad especially when I stole your credit card to pay for the room at our favorite hotel where we first made love. I only did it to upset you, because you were breaking my heart. Well the joke was on me when I walked out of the hotel and saw you driving away in my car…with Chelsea.

sad black girl

I chased my car down the street replaying all the lies you told me to stay with you. I remembered when you drove up in a cream colored Hyundai Equus with a bow on top and handed me the keys saying it’s yours baby. Then finally I remembered you repeating those words every single time we made love, especially the first time you kissed and flicked your tongue across every part of my body. Then thrust into me like a beast, smacking my ass like a horse, and finally caressing me when you were finished enjoying what I had to offer. I finally caught up to my car and saw you in the backseat spreading her legs and power driving her harder than you ever did me. While I turned around and walked away I realized I wasn’t your woman, I wasn’t your fiancé , I was your whore.

I will always love you for what you did give me, even though it was a lie. And I wish you and your new ho of a wife the greatest happiness. I am just asking you for my own peace, Why?

Your true love,


fine black guy


from:  Ricky <########@gmail.com>
to:  Violet   [email protected]
date:  Mon, 13  February, 2012 at 5:00 PM
subject:  RE: Why?


…Why not? I ultimately needed a wife not a mistress. So that is why I left my whore of a wife, found you to care for my life in between, and found Chelsea to be my true wife. You gave me everything I needed with no boundaries and I needed that from a woman so thanks. My advice to you is to pick better men, just not the ones who fulfill your ‘needs’. Weed is not a need. I knew your legs were open for business, because you were my willing whore. There was no telling who else had their ride on the Vivi express, so my feelings weren’t hurt by your little antics. By the way thanks for letting me try different things out on you; Chelsea really enjoys them on the beach, bed, and actually in your car especially. My wife is not a whore she’s a woman something you need to grow up and be. Hopefully this answers your question.  My true love Chelsea, our kids, and I are very happy and I hope you decide to close down your side ho business and be a happy woman one day.

All the best,


After I read that email the ratchet came out in me and I hopped in my old ass cash bought 90’s Honda Civic and floored it to his apartment. I sat there outside of the building thinking of everything I could reveal to his ‘blessed wife’. I just started beating the hell out of the horn and wondered what was wrong with me? Why would he toss me to the side just because I didn’t have the fancy degree and job? I gave him my heart, my soul, my body, didn’t that count for anything? His wife finally came to the window and looked down and saw me. I jumped out of the car prepared to yell and scream up at her for taking my man and she just raised an eyebrow and started at me. Then it hit me… She was living in a beautiful high rise with a man who, aside from his devious ways, was a good man that cared for his family. I was standing in the street like a fool for the world to see and use. She shook her head and walked away and I sat back in my car. I sat there for an hour and finally decided it was time to change.


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