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black mistress

About a year ago my friends and I made a decision to literally screw our way to the top. We did what any other mistress would do. Give out the snatch so he gives out the money, and we invested it into our own hedge fund. We made it all the way to Wall Street like we dreamed of, with all of our men and some women keeping our secrets so we wouldn’t ruin their lives.  Well… like most groups there is always a break up and that is exactly what happened to us. We split the money three ways and parted as friends and partners. I should’ve seen that coming. What I didn’t see coming was the loneliness that the cold hard cash provided, instead of the comforting power I thought it would. I began to think back to our first ‘victim’ Christopher Bolden. While his face rested in between Lana’s legs and Justine rode his stroke his focus was on me. I should’ve known he was different, especially when we made love at sunrise overlooking the mountains.  I walked down Madison Ave. one rainy day trying to blanket my loneliness with shopping, when a man grabbed me and pulled me into a boutique hotel lobby. Before I could scream he grabbed my neck and kissed me with the passion I craved. When he pulled back I opened my eyes… it was Christopher.

Naturally my first reaction was O s*** I’m a dead woman. To my surprise he smiled and said ‘Well whatya know I found you’. I immediately thought stalker and looked around for cameras and witnesses just in case. He eventually asked me to join him for a drink which turned into an hour long conversation about how he managed to clean up his name with the help of a couple good people in finance. He made some well-advised investments and recently moved to New York to hit Wall Street; but all the while I was on his mind.  Before I could call BS on the play, he explained that he wasn’t angry about us for what we did because it was a wakeup call for him. He attended counseling religiously and learned that he needed to find his happiness. His happiness was not in his marriage, money, or all the women he ran through.

black man and woman

I had about had it with all this born-again crap until he said, “I knew that I could possibly find my happiness in you…and here you are.” I figured he was worth a pity walk through paradise since I jump started his transformation and all. We checked into the hotel and I started kissing on him in the elevator then he pulled me away and told me to wait. I don’t like the man to be in control, but in this case I made an exception. He gently placed my back up against the wall and kissed every part of my of lips slowly savoring the taste of my lipstick. He opened my jacket, unbuttoned my blouse, and caressed my body with his lips from my neck to navel. My body got weak at the care he was giving me. He asked me if it was alright to kiss me in other places. Let’s just say when he was done the Hudson and I was in a competition. He picked me up and carried me to the bed then told me to relax, then walked to the bathroom to wash his face. I couldn’t trust him, even though I needed his touch. I jumped up and screamed at him,

“What the hell do you want from me? I’ve worked so hard and manipulated so many lives, including yours to get where I am. How are you any different? You want to screw me like I screwed you? Take it all! There is nothing left of me that you could take but my worthless body. So what the hell do you want?

black man and woman

Christopher came out of the bathroom laughing and inched me back to the bed. He took off his clothes and laid me down on the bed and whispered that all he wanted was my heart if I would allow it. My legs collapsed and he climbed on to me. Before I knew it his massive love adorned my body thrusting deeply and smoothly through me saying, I want you to know me. He never took his eyes off of me and confessed his transgressions that led him to me. He came behind me and lifted us both to our knees, continuing to stroke and caressed my body until I moaned from my plump red cherry to my lips; meanwhile he whispered all the reasons he cared for me and why we should be together. He kept asking me if I felt him, if I knew him, or if I could feel his heart through his thrust. Eventually I mounted him and allowed him to stroke me while I kegeled to feel every part of his body and soul. I couldn’t help but confess everything I had done and he forgave me for what I did to him. Finally we sat up in a cradling position and he stroked me while I made it tighter for him waiting to feel each other’s release. Then finally a pleasurable ten minute long cleansing river released and glistened over our bodies until we collapsed on the bed and he never strayed from my eyes or hands.

black man and woman

While we slept I shook all night terrified that I just laid my heart out on the line to be crushed like I crushed him. But every time he would reach over and cradle me close to his chest and say I’m right here. Here I was, a whore for power, and I was forgiven and now on the path to the foreign concept of love. We kept secretly dating for a while and worked as partners to create a quickly growing hedge fund firm that has been very profitable over the last two years. Shockingly Chris and I kind of had a falling out that led to some drastic changes that I was not expecting. I am not sure what happened to my former partners nor do I care. I lead a new clean life now that took forever to get. As for me and Chris, we look forward to sharing our wedding photos after the ceremony in November.


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