Mistress Series: Break Up, Make Up, Don’t Give A – Mariah

Don’t cry. Don’t cry girl come on you’re better than this. Is exactly what I kept telling myself curled up in the back of a cab in a hospital blanket wondering how the hell a man finally broke me. My money has been stolen from me, my heart too, but no one has ever stolen my soul. I thought it was only something God or the devil could take, but this man tore it right out of a place I deemed so mighty and sacred. He tore down my glimmering walls and I accepted the pleasurable pain in every twisted position and still maintained my dignity…or so I thought.  I’ve been lied to before and that doesn’t bother me, because a lie comes out of me like air if I need it to. What bothers me is that I played right into his lies and he used my own heart to break me for his own gain. This was the beginning of the end of me giving a….

Darien Hurst one of California’s brightest stars in technology with a pocket and smooth tantalizing looks to prove it. We met at a business conference not long after I recovered from my last lover that robbed me blind. This time I decided to go from the conference to cocktails instead of being dickmatized and left high and dry. After a few tequila shots and exhausting flirty small talk, he finally told me that he was developing a program under the nose of his company that would turn the technology world on its head and make him a millionaire. Things like that don’t really entice me anymore. If you work hard you deserve what’s due and nothing less. Then of course he revealed the all famous boom of ‘I’m married’ and I politely excused myself and went on my way.

divorce papers

Darien immediately got up and stopped me then explained that they were separated and drawing up divorce papers. Even still I was cautious and allowed him to date me before I invited him into my body. I wanted to be the good girl this time and cautiously introduce my tricks. Over the next six weeks we traded business secrets and some of our own embarrassing tidbits about each other. He shared with me that he had been developing this program for the last ten years and had to almost rebuild it from scratch every time he switched computers. Before I could ask why he didn’t just copy it, he revealed that he had trust issues with a lot of people and kept this secret between his ears and on one computer.  I thought that was odd, but felt invited into his heart when he trusted me with that information. One day he finally invited me to his condo where we enjoyed delivered Chinese food and a glass of wine like broke college students.

He asked me to stay the night and grabbed a t-shirt that barely covered my leopard thong. For once I wasn’t adorned in cash or jewels and it was the happiest I had ever been. Around 4:00 am he carried me to the bedroom and lay on top of me like a blanket gently kissing my forehead and carefully caressing my body. He pulled my thong off with his teeth then kissed me from my crevice up. Before he glided into me he looked into my eyes and said I love you. I feared those words so much and refused to be trapped by them, so I tried to jump up. Darien forced me back down and said Mariah look at me. You are the completion of my soul. I need you to breathe. Love me. Please. I couldn’t respond with my words, but I forced my body to show how I felt. I took my time enveloping my walls around his shaft and never left his embrace with every blunt force he pounded into me. He smacked and grabbed my ass commanding me to surrender myself to him, while going deeper and deeper in to me.

About five months went by filled with extravagant trips, business tips, and facing numbing sex still without a copy of the divorce papers or an I love you from me. One night I was leaving his office after going over his final business proposal with him, and asked what the other part of his soul was since I was the completion; he immediately replied, this program it’s my greatest accomplishment that will live on after me. I started heading out the door and he promised me the world. Marriage, Money, Power the works as long as I loved him. I finally decided to open my heart and shouted I love you. He damn near jumped over his desk then grabbed and kissed me until we hit the wall. He ripped off his belt and my panties then lifted me up by my ass and shoved himself rapidly into me making me scream I love you until I was voiceless. On Monday I wish I still had a voice to scream.

Mariah part 2

I walked into my office with a diva strut like I usually do with all the men smiling at my glow and the women nearly bitch growling at me…the norm. Then as I got closer to my office everyone was staring at me chuckling and shaking their heads. I kept walking until the CEO’s snot of an assistant said Brian laughed and said Mariah I had no idea you were so flexible. Then my assistant chimed in saying she didn’t know I could be that loud. Next thing I know the president of the company popped up behind me with his tablet and a looping video of Darian and I making love with his company logo in the background. Darian’s face was blacked out and mine was damn near highlighted. I couldn’t move or speak and the CEO fired me on the spot for not only publically sharing my sex life within the company, but also disclosing trade secrets with industry competition…W…T…F… . It turns out that he forgot there were security cameras in his office that turned on after business hours in case of theft etc. It turned out that someone made a viral video that was blasted out through our entire internal network.

I completely lost my breath, couldn’t feel my heart beat and collapsed on the floor.  Next thing I knew I was waking up in the hospital recovering from the worst anxiety attack I’ve ever had. I could barely move, but I managed to dig my phone out of my purse and call and text Darian about ten times…no response. The next day I woke up with a woman standing over me smirking with a note in her hand. Before I could say a word she introduced herself as Amber…Hurst…Darian’s still very married to never separated from  wife. She explained that she knew about the affair and didn’t really care, but nothing was going to rob her of being a millionaire’s wife. She also explained that she paid the security guards under the table to monitor his activity just in case he did something ‘foolish’ like this. Then she handed me the note and walked out.

Mariah you were the best. The best sex, the best knowledge, the best heart, but you were never going to be my wife.  Sorry for the mix up. You gave me everything I needed to be great. Sorry about this video mess that was never part of the plan.  Amber can be a bit ruthless. Anyway when the money comes in I will be sure to shoot you a check for your services.

With all the love,


When I left the hospital I was completely alone. I couldn’t bring myself to call my friends and have them rattle off all the reasons I had this coming. So I sat in my house for a few days sulking about how I allowed this to happen. Then I remembered the powerful woman I am and decided that I was not going to suffer alone. I slipped on the Dolce & Gabbana dress he bought me, my favorite Jimmy Choos, driving gloves, MAC red lipstick and kissed the first bullet that I loaded in to my gold Colt 45. You see killing someone who ruins your life only gives them an easy way out from their punishment; true punishment is suffering. Darian was going to be presenting his program to the board during a lunch meeting and I wanted to go and congratulate him on his new life.

kissed bullet photo

Before I walked into the boardroom I handed the receptionist an envelope with letters detailing my claim to trading secrets for sex, defamation, and the program he was going to use to crumble the company. I asked her to get that to the board immediately and I went to have a talk alone with Darian in the boardroom at the very top of the building. I barged into the boardroom and without hesitation shot his blessed computer three times, shattering it to pieces. He screamed and cried like a little bitch watching his soul be destroyed right before him and fell to the ground. I put the gun in my purse, pulled off my gloves, and gave my lover some sugar then whispered with all the love baby and walked out. From what I’ve heard from others he and his wife are barely picking up the pieces of their lives. I may be soulless but I will never suffer alone again.

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